Thursday, January 3, 2013

Silas's Birth Story- Part 1

I think this might be long so I'm going to break it up in two parts

Eli's birth story can be found here at the top of it is a summary of Rowan's birth story too.

I'll start a few months back since I didn't blog too much during this pregnancy...
-32 weeks an ultrasound discovered I had a high amount of amniotic fluid (26) so they decided to watch that with weekly appointments including NST's and sonograms.
-33weeks fluid was 25.6. This is when I found out normal is 13-25 but usually goes down towards the end of pregnancy so even though I wasn't that high I was for how far along I was. I had a sono and NST and everything looked great.
-34weeks- just NST and appointment.  Everything good.
-35weeks- Sonogram, NST, and appointment.  Discovered Silas had flipped and was breech! Fluid was 29  Apparently extra fluid means lots of room to flip around.  I was given excercises to do to try and get him to flip back and we discussed what would happen if he didn't turn.
-36weeks- Sonogram- he's head down again!  yeah!! fluid- 27
-37weeks- a regular appointment!  I didn't know what to do when I didn't have to spend over an hour at the hospital! ;)
-38weeks- I measured at only 39 so we think fluid went down!
-39weeks- measured at 44!!  I had a sono to see if fluid went way up, it was only at 23 so probably just his positioning.  Dialated 1-2cm
-40weeks-dialated to 3! Had membranes stripped. ouch!
-41weeks- NST, sono. fluid back up to 28.  Still dialated to 3, got membranes stripped again.

So, this pregnancy I really wanted to go into labor on my own. I was induced with Rowan and Eli at 40weeks 6 days and I really wanted to know that my body could do this own it's own.  A common problem with extra fluid is preterm labor so I hoped that maybe for me that could just mean I'd go into labor by 40 weeks.

Since I'd never gone into labor on my own I felt like a first time- would I know when it was time?? A [part of me thought my body still wouldnt go into labor and I'd end up induced.  The hospital will only let you go to 42weeks usually. 

On Wednesday, June 20th I had my membranes stripped at my appointment.  Mike had taken that day off because the boys had to go to camp at Homer Lake.  After the appointment I met my friend Sarah for lunch- Mexican- yum!  I started to feel a little yucky towards the end of lunch and went home to nap before the boys came home.  I had another appointment scheduled for that Friday that would also be a NST and sono.  I knew we would set an inducion date then too.  Since Eli's birthday was my 42weeks(the next Wednesday) I would either be induced that Monday or Tuesday.  I tried to talk Mike into taking off the rest of the week since we knew he would be here by Tuesday but he had a lot to do.  We did decide he would take off Friday and that would start his leave - it was always easier to have him watch the boys during my appointments and those long ones meant I could be there for a few hours.  They were usually great about getting me in early but there was no guarantee.  I finished packing my bag that night just in case.  I had some cramps that night and was hoping to wake up in labor!

I woke up feeling fine :( The boys had swimming lessons so I had to actually get up and get dressed and get moving.  I really started to hate all their activities towards the end of the summer- baseball for Rowan, swimming and Eco-camp for both. I got constant questions about when I was due and that last week most people were shocked that I was a week over due! I was pretty surprised how everyone just thinks being induced is the way to go....

                                     I wore this dress almost daily at the end! I decided it was too much work for
                                             pants or shorts.  I loved the green dress in the pic above but it was too short for public!

So we go to swimming lessons and I talk to my friend Sarah about still being pregnant and the books I'd been reading I borrowed from her (50 Shades of Grey- great way to take your mind off not having a baby!) come back home and I fixed lunch.  Then we started our usual afternoon routine- I layed on the couch and attempted to nap and they watch cartoons (it was really hot around this time too so no one wanted to be outside). When I woke up I was having mild contractions....

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