Saturday, June 27, 2009


Saturday (Eli's 1st birthday) was the local Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk. We try to always do this as a family, but last year I was VERY, VERY pregnant so we skipped it. This year my cousin Carey joined me, the boys, my sister, my aunt, and my mom. My Grandma had breast cancer and this walk was something she always looked forward to, so we try to keep it up for her. She passed away when Rowan was a baby. There are always so many people at these walks, and the survivor lap is always really emotional, I really want the boys to be involved in stuff like this and tried to explain why we were doing this to Rowan. Of course, without going into too much detail- cause I'm just not ready for all that! They both did great and had fun, and they got to play at the park a little bit after we were done.Since they don't sell kids shirts 9and I wouldn't buy one if they did...) I bought some shirts and let Rowan paint them for the walk. He wanted their names' on them so I helped with that and I put a pink ribbon on the front. The back I wanted to dedicate to my Grandma, he got to paint the rest himself. he will be taking orders- in case anyone really likes wearing t-shirts with big globs of plastic paint on them- let me know! ;)

After the race we went to Perkins for a late breakfast, my other aunt brought my cousin's baby and met us there. Rowan begged to hold the baby, seriously he really wanted to hold him. He was so excited, he seems to have lost that excitement for Eli....

One Year Ago Today ....(Warning VERY Picture Heavy)

Eli was born!! You would think, since he is my 2nd child, I shouldn't really be surprised how quickly this year has gone, but of course I am. I've heard people say that they wondered if they would be able to love their second child as much as their first. It wasn't something I was worried about, but I think I even surprised myslef with how much I love him. He is an amazing little boy! He's been so happy ever since he was born, so active and alert! I still love thinking about his birth and how great it was. Everytime he smiles his big cheesey smile at me I want to have a million more babies- just like him! (Don't worry Rowan quickly reminds me of why this would be a bad idea!) So enjoy looking at my baby boys first year of life- I think I've added just about every picture we;ve taken of him! Ok not really there are tons more, but I really couldn't just pic a couple he has changed so much! ENJOY 1 YEAR OF ELI!!