Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lots of Pics

Since Rowan is the big brother now we make him do lots of chores...

His favorite- making pudding!!

mostly cause he gets to lick the spatula

Eli sleeping on the swing outside

tummy time

1 month pictures

with his cool new hat

So far Eli seems ok wearing the hat, good thing because he'll be wearing all of Rowan's cute old hats!

Rowan talking to Eli

Rowan looking like he's going to the beach

Monday, July 28, 2008

Update with out pictures

I have a bunch of pictures to put up, but I can not find either one of my cords to hook up the camera.

Eli is now 1 month old, I really can't believe how quick it's gone. He's doing great, and we have his 1 month appt. Thursday so we'll see how much he weighs. He has developed a lovely case of baby acne, but most of it is on his head (covered by hair) so not too noticeable. He still has his hair, although I think it is a little thinner and lighter. He sleeps pretty well and I am hoping for longer stretches at night, right now it's anywhere from 2-5hrs. in a row, I like the 5, but have only actually seen that maybe 1 time. He is smiling more, and has laughed a couple times, I almost cried when he laughed at me- it was the cutest thing I've ever heard!!

Rowan's head is healed, we are now using mederma to minimize the scar, but I don't think it'll be too bad. We still make him wear band-aids to keep it out of the sun.

We finally got moving early enough to make it to the Farmer's Market Saturday and got lots of yummy fruit. I wore Eli in the baby sling and he slept through it all, it was great. Although I realized i didn't have a hat to keep the sun off his face, so we went to Old Navy and found a super cute one (I do have pics)!

We've been using my mom's laptop for months since ours just decided to stop working one day. Half the time her's doesn't registered that it is plugged in so it never holds a charge, and it will just go dead usually with very little notice. It makes it hard to do anything on the computer, other than just read. So I can still read blogs, but it's hard to leave comments. I really want a new laptop, or desktop, but I know that we should probably look into getting our's fixed before just buying a new one. But sometimes you just want nice new stuff, right? So if anyone local knows somewhere I should look into, or if you can maybe fix it- let me know. I'm going to keep looking for one to buy, it would be nice to have 2 in case Mike wants to take one to school, and he will need to write his thesis this year, and that might cut into my internet time!

Sunday we went to clinton to celebrate my aunt's 60th birthday. We had a good time, Rowan loves playing with his cousins. Everyone loved holding Eli, and I enjoyed eating lots of good food with two hands!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Can't Do This Anymore!

A 3 year olds poop belongs in a toilet, not a diaper. Now that I am once again changing newborn diapers, I can really see the difference- and it is not pretty! We are getting nowhere with potty training, he could sit on the toilet for hours only to pee minutes later on the floor. I am getting frustrated and tired of changing diapers!!

Ok I feel a little better, thanks for letting me vent :) ANy helpful ideas or tips from parents with potty trained children?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1st Bath

Getting ready for the bath- he is obviously excited!!

In the water- no reaction.
Getting washed, no reaction.

Getting rinsed off, no reaction.

Getting dried off, is that a faint smile!!

Hospital Pics

It won't let me use the picture to post it, but here is the link to Eli's hospital picture if anyone wants to see it - Eli's pictures.

He wore the same outfit in his pic that Rowan wore in his, I was trying to find a pic of Rowan to compare, but it must be on my computer- which is still dead, so no comparison.

And He Smiles...Kinda

A smile caught on camera (ignore the background)

Sleepy Smile

Pouty face

and we know he can smile

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Got My Fix

I have seriously been making up for my months without sweets. In the past 3 weeks I have eaten more oreo's, ice cream, cake, cookies, and brownies than most people eat in a year. I think I am done. Of course that doesn't mean I will never have it again, but I really need to get some self-control on this. I think I am going to gain more now then I did during the pregnancy if I don't stop now! Luckily, thanks to breastfeeding, I am starving ALL the time and must be burning some calories.

I have lost 16 pounds so far, about half of what I gained so I think I am doing pretty well. I can also wear my pants that I wore pre-pregnancy, although they don't look quite as well as they did, i'm still excited. It took me months to even lose 10lbs after having Rowan, something I still don't understand since he weighed 8lbs7oz, but whatever.

I think that I need to start back on my gestational diabetic diet (w/o ALL the strict restrictions), since I usually enjoyed how I ate. We are getting some yummy stuff from the garden now so that should help. I don't know if I am quite ready to try weight watchers, but maybe I will- soon. I guess there's always excercise- haha!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Rowan!!!

Mike blew up tons of balloons and put them outside his door and hung streamers on the ceiling fans and outside his bedroom door. We heard him waking up so sat there ready with the camera to surprise him. Of course then we hear him start playing and by the time he comes out he is carrying shorts and socks to put on- something he never does! He was excited to see all the "party" stuff- Mike also made him a very cool balloon hat- he was nice enough to wear it for one picture!
I can't believe my baby boy is three!! This last year has gone by way too fast, he has changed so much since his 2nd birthday. Everyday I am amazed at how much and how well he talks- sometimes I just stare at him wondering where the time went- then yells "mom I'm talkin to you!!" and I snap out of it! I made blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes ( not in the same pancake), Rowan LOVES pancakes.

For weeks he has been asking for strawberry ice cream pie for his birthday, so Mike made a pie, we had ice cream and I made cupcakes- hey you only have a birthday once a year right? Surprisingly, he didn't eat any of the pie- I think it was too much sugar even for him!

We just had a small party with Mike's parents, my mom, and my sister, but it was nice. Rowan was very excited to open presents and grabbed the biggest one first! Of course like any 3 year old he was quite disappinted to discover it was only clothes! He quickly pushed that aside and went on to the next.

The best present of all- something I NEVER thought I would let my children have, BUT Mike got it really cheap at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I think Mike must have really wanted one when he was a kid, because he was very excited about it.

First Look at his new......

Very own MONSTER TRUCK....

Yes my son has a Power Wheels, Mike tells me it's the original BigFoot. Rowan loves it, he's doing pretty good driving it, and Mike bought orange cones and made him a race track in our yard. We have a pretty big yard or this never would have worked, but so far he hasn't ran over anything- or anyone!

After everyone left we spent sometime hanging out in the back yard just the 4 of us, it waws such a nice day! Rowan climbed on Mike while Eli and I sat on the swing.
Rowan trying to kiss (or lick) daddy

The only way I can get a good pic of him most the time- wait until he falls down!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

2 Weeks

I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks since this perfect little boy was born. I feel like I've known him forever! He's starting to be awake more during the day and does pretty good at night, usually sleeping 3-4hrs before waking to eat and going right back to sleep- in the crib!! Rowan hated the crib and anywhere else we would put him down, he pretty much only slept in our arms or next to me. Eli wakes between 5-7am and gets to lay with me so we can both go back to sleep- then we sleep until 9 or 10am!! Poor Mike has to get up to take Rowan to daycare by 8am. I have also discovered that Blind Date is on at 4am so that is something to look forward to if only I could get him on a schedule so that I can always watch it each night.
Slight sleepy smile- we are pretty sure he does actually smile at us- and we do NOT think it's just gas.

I love baby gowns, not only are they great for middle of the night diaper changes, but they just look so cute in them!

My three boys- notice how Rowan is trying really hard to be asleep!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Title

Now that Eli is here I think my blog needs a new title, I am not very creative with stuff like that at all (have you seen what my blog address is?). So if anyone has any ideas please let me know, thanks

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eli's Birth Story

I always like reading birthstories and even though I know I am not a good writer I will attempt to put his story into words and hopefully I won't ramble with it too much!

Since I found out I was pregnant (well aqctually even before that) I was hoping to have a natural drug free labor. I read all the birthing books I could find and felt like I would be prepared and could handle it all, I even hired a Doula (which was definetly money well spent). I think the main reason I wanted to give birth without drugs was because of how I felt after Rowan was born. I was induced with Rowan by having my water broken. I spent the whole day in bed and couldn't relax enough to let my body do what it needed to do. Of course it was much easier after having the drugs. First nubain then an epidural.

The day after rowan was born I was so out of it, I felt like I couldn't wake up at all. I ended up with an episiotomy and tearing which meant A LOT of stitches. The next at least 6 weeks were awful; so much pain, headaches, I couldn't even bend over to get him out of the bassinett. I really think all this was due to the epidural and episiotomy- which just made me more determined to do things differently this time.

Ok now Eli's story:

Since the Dr. wouldn't let me go past 40weeks 6days because of the gestational diabetes, we were told to check in to the hospital Thursday June 26th at 9pm (it would have been earlier, but they were full). At 10:30pm I finally saw the Dr. who came in to check me and put in the cervidil. Once again, I had no change in my cervix. I had to be hooked up to the monitor for two hours after the cervidil was inserted. Since I couldn't sleep on my back and knocked the monitor off everytime I moved, I was wide awake until the monitor came off at 12:30am. They offered me a sleeping pill(I took half a dose) and said I would be woken up at 5:30am!!

They lied and let us sleep until 7:30am! The cervidil came out and I got to shower and get ready for my exciting day. We got moved to a 'real" room and just waited. Our doula (T) was already there and we spent the next 2 hours watching cable tv before the midwife came in (did I mention they were busy?). At 9:30am the midwife came to check me, surprise, surprise I was still not dilated at all. Which meant I would get pitocin- my biggest fear. I really was hoping to get to use the hot tub and thought the water was the only way I would be able to do it naturally. I even started thing my body wasn't going to do anything this time and I would end up with a c-section.

The pitocin was started and I was put on the monitor. They did have a wireless monitor which meant I would be able to get up and walk around I just had to take the IV pole with me. T- the doula thought I should try to rest while I could so I stayed in bed for a while. Since I had slept pretty good the night before I wasn't tired so we watched episodes of House Hunters. The contractions started after an hour or so but were pretty mild. After a while we started walking the halls, Mike stayed in the room to rest and I talked with T in between contractions. The nurse kept increasing the pitocin, but the contractions were still pretty mild.

Around 12pm we went back to the room so they could get a good reading on the baby, the wireless monitor still messes up some when walking around. I got in bed to be monitored and T went to eat lunch. She came back around 1pm, and Mike went to eat lunch. After All My Children was over T and I went to walk again. Contractions were getting stronger but I still felt good about it. When we went back to the room I was getting a bit more uncomfortable. T did a great job of helping me relax during contractions and I still felt good. She went and got a birth ball for me to try and it felt really good to sit on that.

After a few more contractions, she had me stand up and lean into Mike during contractions this was at 1:50pm (I have a pic that's how I know the time!). This felt pretty good, but the contractions were getting a lot stronger. During the contractions I started to doubt that I could do much more, but didn't want to say it out loud- yet, after all between contractions I felt good and realize I could do it. I finally said it outloud and T suggested I do a few more and she would go see if the midwife would come check me. I was thinking that I was probably 4-5cm and that I was probably a wuss and just couldn't handle it. She suggested I try a new postition- on my side on the bed.

I wanted to go to the bathroom before I layed down, but the second I sat down I had another contraction and it was strong and I didn't like being a lone so I stood up and walked out of the bathroom. I think I said again that I couldn't do this anymore. I layed down on the bed and immediately my body started pushing. T aked if I felt "pushy" and I said no I had to go to the bathroom (well that's what it felt like :)). She went to check on the midwife and my body kept pushing! When no one came right away, I pushed the call button. I still thought I was not very far along and I knew I couldn't do it much longer without drugs.

The midwife and nurse came in and I asked for something/ anything! She wanted to check me first and I had to move up in the bed. I had not been checked since the morning when the started the pitocin, she said I was complete and could start pushing! I think I was a little shocked, I mean the contractions had only been really strong for the past 30mins. or so. Pushing was definetly hard and exhausting, I didn't feel like I was having contractions anymore so I didn't feel an "urge" to push like I had when I first got on the bed. But it had to be done, I think it was about 10mins of pushing- it seemed like hours! He was born at 2:32pm. It all went so fast- the nurses even commented on how I was just walking the halls smiling and talking! I did have a pretty big tear- but no cutting.

I'm not sure if it was the fact that I didn't have drugs or episiotomy, or maybe it's just cause my body's done it before; but, I have felt really good. A little sore, but not bad at all. I was up and moving that night and didn't feel like I had to wake Mike to help me to the bathroom in the middle of the night! I know that I couldn't have done it without our doula, and Mike (who was skeptical at first) agreed. I would recommend a doula to anyone, it was just so nice to have the extra support. So if anyone (locally) is interested let me know and I'll give you her name!

Eli had a little problems breathing and with his oxygen levels at first, I did get to hold him for quite a while though. Then they sent him to the nursery to be observed. Mike went with him, but I felt a little lost with out him so soon. I got moved to a postpartum room and Mike brought him back after maybe 3hours. He checked out good and his apgars were 9 and 9- despite the breathing issues. He's been perfect ever since and we can't get enough of him!

Easier with Two?

Mike and I have been surprised at how much easier it seems to be this time, even though there are two boys, it's not nearly as hard as we thought it would be. I don't know if Eli is just a better baby, or we know what we are doing this time, or the fact that I feel so much better than I did after having Rowan. Rowan has been a little crazy lately, but he is great with Eli, he went back to daycare today so hopefully whne he gets back into his normal routine he will calm down a bit!
Last week Eli had his first check-up. He checked out perfect! He had lost a lot and had a little dehydration so we had to go into the breastfeeding clinic the day before, but my milk came in and he is eating great now (and constantly!). He was 7lbs 12oz at the Dr. appointment, up 2oz from the day before at the clinic. We had to take Rowan to the appt. since his daycare was closed. We were already to leave, Eli in the seat and walking out the door of the exam room, when Rowan goes running back into the room, trips over his feet and falls hitting his head on the top of the plastic trashcan. He's screaming, Mike picks him up and blood is gushing from his forehead. He had a pretty big gash right above his eyebrow. Luckily we were at the Dr.'s. She was able to close it with Dermabond, rather than stitches, but I think it will take a while to heal. Until then Rowan has a big bandage on his head, but it does keep him from messing with it. i was quite freaked out, and realized I don't handle situations like that very well, at least not when there is blood gushing from my baby's head!

Eli is a pretty good sleeper, and falls right back to sleep after nusing at night. I'm still pretty tired so usually take a nap during the day with him, but I still feel really good most of the time. I am going to assume that I feel so good because I didn't end up with drugs or an episiotomy, since after Rowan's birth it was weeks before I did anything, or felt somewhat normal at all. I feel like we should get out so I can show off Eli, I would love to take Rowan to see his friends (who he hasn't seen in months), but I don't think I am quite ready to venture out with both of them alone! Someday!