Monday, April 29, 2013


In school I almost always waited until the last minute to do things. I was never one to turn in a paper early but instead could be found rushing to class with the ink still wet on my paper. I was hoping I wouldn't still be like this now that I'm a " mature adult" but I seem to be repeating my old habits already and I haven't even started class yet.

I have some decisions to make about school. None of it really needs to be decided today but its still stuff I need to look into and decide which path is best for me. But instead of googling about my school options I've been planning Rowan and Eli's birthday's! Mostly Rowan since Eli just gets to take a friend to eat and play at Jupiters. Rowan wants a sleepover ( we've never done one :/) so we're thinking a backyard camp out! Luckily this is a popular idea so the Internet has planned it all for me. I'm most excited about a s'mores bar!! Woohoo!!

I also just made a list of everything I need to deep clean this week. You know, to avoid doing what I should do... Ive printed off worksheets for Rowan and Eli to do this summer when schools out. Since I'm taking an online class I know there will be times when I need them occupied. And I'd like them to remain somewhat smart ;)

Yesterday was the art show after their art class! It was fun and so exciting to see their stuff up. It was a little disappointing that only 2 of Rowan's pieces were up. I know space is limited BUT it seemed like other people had more than 2 ( yes I was tempted to count).

Every week they drew in their sketchbook and at the end of the last class another kid took home Rowan's sketchbook. Yes the kids name was similar ( but really 3 different letters AND these are 1st and 2nd graders I kind of think by now a kid should know how his freaking name is spelled!!) and I know it was an accident but I've been pretty upset about this. The teacher realized it happened and tried to catch the kid but they were already gone. She said shed email them and have them bring it to the show ( which she apparently didn't do!) so mike and I are stalking this kids art work watching for them at the show. Finally! I see the teacher talking to a mom so I move closer to listen she asks her if she has it and the mom seems to not even know that her kid took the wrong one!! ( yes there is a language barrier but she clearly understands) teacher says that Rowan's parents really want his sketchbook so if she could drop it by sometime... The mom doesn't seem to remember if she even kept it!! Wtf!? I mean I don't keep everything but its a sketchbook you'd at least think she would've looked at it and realized it wasn't her sons?! So the teacher leaves and I walk up and say something ( luckily mike was with Eli or he probably would've not let me) and I said that I was Rowan's mom and did she really not have it?! I may have said Rowan was really upset too and I may have also told Rowan about it while standing close enough for her to hear hoping shed see him get upset ;)
So we didn't get it. I'm hoping she'll go home and look for it and being it in buy I'm not holding my breath. Rowan's classes theme was inventions and since that is perfect for him I imagine his sketchbook was pretty neat. :(

Anyway, it was fun and mikes parents and my mom and sister all came for it and the boys loved that! They'll be taking it again in the fall and I plan on having Rowan steal the other kids sketchbook next time! Hahaha. Just kidding

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Months!

ir0 months!! Another month went so fast! I can't believe we have just 2 months until he's 1year!!

I'm surprised I was able to get a picture of the 10 on the sign this month.  He was not at all willing to let the paper sit in front of him!  He's been putting things on top of his head lately- papers, clothes, books- I guess he's pretending they're hats? It's pretty cute whatever he's doing :)

He still has those gorgeous blue eyes and dimples and now also has 6 teeth!!! He loves to try and chew on our fingers- ouch! He's been having a lot of fun with his little radio lately. He figured out how to push the buttons and he likes to dance to it.

He loves to sit in our bean bag chair- where I took these pics- and he'll crawl in it, lay back and say "uh uh uh" to get me attention :) It's really funny when he gets stuck trying to get off it!
He walks along everything and has even stood alone several times! He likes to push the kitchen chairs across the dining room floor while he walks with them (who needs walkers when you have wood floors and chairs!)

I feel like he is making a little progress in the eating department (slowly..) and we got him a straw cup instead of the sippy and he loves it! So much easier! He's actually giving himself bites of food with the spoon!

yes, he is wearing the same clothes he had on in his 9 month pics..... oh the horror!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sunday we went to our first Illini baseball game! Mike really wants to take the boys to a Cubs and Cardinals game but we know they aren't ready so we decided to do a college game. We ended up not taking Eli because of how he'd been earlier in the day :/ but the rest of us had a lot of fun!
They had free food so we ate lunch there. They had free face painting and balloon animals too! Rowan paid attention to the game aperture well but not as mush as mike wanted ( he has high expectations though ;))
Rowan really likes playing baseball ( practiced started this week!) so we are hoping he'll like watching it too. We're planning to go back with Eli too. Since the games are free there's no reason not to!
Silas was great ( as always!) he sat in the stroller for a lot of it!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Rowan lost his 3rd tooth today!
It's been loose for months and really loose for the last week or so. It's been sticking out all strange and snaggle tooth looking - ;)
Saturday he was outside and got hit in the face somehow and he was bleeding around the tooth but it still didn't fall out! Sunday his tooth looked like it was a darker color- ugh not good. I'm a little squeamish with the loose teeth so I didn't want to mess with it but decided we'd call the dentist in a few days if it wasnt out yet. Luckily it fell out at school yesterday! Of course he left it in his desk so I couldn't see what it looked liked, and the toothfairy couldn't come! But his mouth looks good so I don't think any damage was done. Yeah!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Busy day! And I'm sitting on the couch with a sleeping/nursing baby so why not blog?! ;)

The boys at art school at 9am and I was going car seat checks at the same time so I had to be dropped off early. Which means its been a long day!

I didn't volunteer last summer or fall for our local events cause I was really pregnant or had a newborn, so this is the first event I've done in quite a while. I forgot how much I like doing it. I thought about not re certifying next year since ill be busy with school but after today I know I will.

My mom asked me how many seats I checked were " wrong" and then she was confused when I said that I have NEVER checked a seat that didn't have something wrong. Either the seat isn't installed correctly ( which usually means not tight enough) or the child isn't properly buckled. She couldn't believe that! ( I should mention that she never listens to anything I say, I'm sure I've mentioned these things to her before...)
It's never that these parents don't care.. They're all trying and think they are doing everything correctly. I had two people who didn't even have the seat belt locked! They all left with safer kiddos and that's what matters! Just wish everyone would realize how important car seat safety is... And get help installing their seats!

I was also happy to see so many kids past 1 year still rear facing! Yeah!! :)

After art school Mike took the boys to Ready, Set, Grow ( the event my car seat checks were part of) it's aimed towards of young kids with lots of kids activities and some characters were there! There was a chance to win an iPad so of course my kids were very upset that we left without getting one... :/ they seemed to have fun though and Mike survived all that time alone with 3 kids without me ;)

Silas is working on his 5th tooth- 2 bottom and 3 on top. And he's been napping even worse than before. He's so fussy and wants to be held constantly. The house is a wreck cause I can't get anything done. I finally put him on my back in a carrier today to get the living room clean but I'm still kind of limited. Hoping tomorrow is better and I can clean this place!

I'm taking a chemistry class this summer ( online hopefully) and I had to take a math assessment test the other day. It only took 20 mins and I was quite impressed that I still know my math! Of course I thought I did horrible but got way above what I actually needed. Kind of getting excited to go back to school ( eeek!) in a I'm also terrified kind of way. Aren't I too old for this?!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter hangover

We had the longest weekend ever! Ugh. So. Much. Driving. Poor Silas. He really is an awesome baby, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be put in that carseat again for a while!

Mike took off Friday so we could go see my grandma. We didn't go around Christmas because of our car issues and we don't go on weekends because we try to avoid any chance of seeing my dad. Of course he ended up being there and acted like it hasn't been almost 5 years since he'd seen us and my kids should totally just call him grandpa. WTF?!?! In case you don't know the math Rowan was almost 3 and Eli was a week old. They'll be 8 and 5 this summer! I'm still pretty pissed about it and the fact that they tried to plan a cookout so I could meet the brother I just found out about a few years ago! Luckily her house is not at all safe or friendly for kids so we weren't able to stay that long. I feel bad because I love my grandma but I really don't see us going back there for quite a while. My kids don't need that and neither do I.

After we left their house we ate some yummy food we can only get over there and of course we felt like crap afterwards ;) on the way home we detoured to go to the Amish area to get done groceries and eggs. Of course we didn't realize it was Good Friday and everything was closed until we got there. Oops! We stopped at the outlet mall before going home and finished at DQ.

Saturday the boys had art school ( have I mentioned how much we love this?!) and we decided to head to Amishville afterwards to get eggs ( we eat a lot of eggs and we can get fresh eggs really cheap there so it's worth the trip once a month). Mike found some cheap Lunchsbles at one of the stores and the boys at that for lunch. Pretty sure that was a first! They were so excited ;)
We headed home to clean since my mom and sister were coming over for dinner. We had an egg hunt too and may have had some wine and Nutella gooey butter cake- omg good!

Sunday we headed to mikes grandmas. It's the longest 1.5hr trip ever! There's no direct way there, it's actually pretty close to my grandmas. She has all these rules like nobody can eat till everything is ready. So even though she has veggies and cheese out ( like most people would put out as snacks before the meal) she doesn't let people eat it. Of course then nobody eats that stuff with their meal because they are eating all the other food. You'd think she'd learn but apparently not. She'll also cut the pies into giant pieces and not even leave a knife there so people can cut them smaller. This time mike had pie first so he went and got a knife and cut them all smaller. Haha! ;) by the time we went to bed last night I felt like we'd been moving all weekend- I was asleep before 9!

The boys were both off today and slept till 8! Yeah! Mike goes in late on Monday so I made pancakes ( we put compost on two plates and told them that was breakfast! April fools!) they helped clean their room and put away laundry and after lunch we finally got around to dyeing our Easter eggs!