Monday, April 29, 2013


In school I almost always waited until the last minute to do things. I was never one to turn in a paper early but instead could be found rushing to class with the ink still wet on my paper. I was hoping I wouldn't still be like this now that I'm a " mature adult" but I seem to be repeating my old habits already and I haven't even started class yet.

I have some decisions to make about school. None of it really needs to be decided today but its still stuff I need to look into and decide which path is best for me. But instead of googling about my school options I've been planning Rowan and Eli's birthday's! Mostly Rowan since Eli just gets to take a friend to eat and play at Jupiters. Rowan wants a sleepover ( we've never done one :/) so we're thinking a backyard camp out! Luckily this is a popular idea so the Internet has planned it all for me. I'm most excited about a s'mores bar!! Woohoo!!

I also just made a list of everything I need to deep clean this week. You know, to avoid doing what I should do... Ive printed off worksheets for Rowan and Eli to do this summer when schools out. Since I'm taking an online class I know there will be times when I need them occupied. And I'd like them to remain somewhat smart ;)

Yesterday was the art show after their art class! It was fun and so exciting to see their stuff up. It was a little disappointing that only 2 of Rowan's pieces were up. I know space is limited BUT it seemed like other people had more than 2 ( yes I was tempted to count).

Every week they drew in their sketchbook and at the end of the last class another kid took home Rowan's sketchbook. Yes the kids name was similar ( but really 3 different letters AND these are 1st and 2nd graders I kind of think by now a kid should know how his freaking name is spelled!!) and I know it was an accident but I've been pretty upset about this. The teacher realized it happened and tried to catch the kid but they were already gone. She said shed email them and have them bring it to the show ( which she apparently didn't do!) so mike and I are stalking this kids art work watching for them at the show. Finally! I see the teacher talking to a mom so I move closer to listen she asks her if she has it and the mom seems to not even know that her kid took the wrong one!! ( yes there is a language barrier but she clearly understands) teacher says that Rowan's parents really want his sketchbook so if she could drop it by sometime... The mom doesn't seem to remember if she even kept it!! Wtf!? I mean I don't keep everything but its a sketchbook you'd at least think she would've looked at it and realized it wasn't her sons?! So the teacher leaves and I walk up and say something ( luckily mike was with Eli or he probably would've not let me) and I said that I was Rowan's mom and did she really not have it?! I may have said Rowan was really upset too and I may have also told Rowan about it while standing close enough for her to hear hoping shed see him get upset ;)
So we didn't get it. I'm hoping she'll go home and look for it and being it in buy I'm not holding my breath. Rowan's classes theme was inventions and since that is perfect for him I imagine his sketchbook was pretty neat. :(

Anyway, it was fun and mikes parents and my mom and sister all came for it and the boys loved that! They'll be taking it again in the fall and I plan on having Rowan steal the other kids sketchbook next time! Hahaha. Just kidding

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