Monday, January 28, 2008

3 days...

The sonogram is Thursday and I feel llike this week is going to go very slowly until then. I am having some major hip pain today from being on my feet all day- when I feel like that I really can't believe that I am only in my 20th week!!! My baby bump has definetly popped out in the last week, kind of exciting. So I put Rowan to bed early so I could lay in bed and relax, and I am enjoying it!!

I still have no strong feelings one way or the other on whether this baby is a boy or girl, sometimes i feel maybe it's a girl, and then stop myself cause I really don't want to be disappointed. Not that I wouldn't be happy if we have another boy, of course we would.

Tomorrow I meet with the doula I am very excited, I just hope it's not going to cost too much!!

Rowan is finally over his cold, it was a pretty bad one and he only went to daycare once last week.

Well hopefully I'll have news next time I post and sonogram pics- I wonder if I can get a 3-D one?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 18

Well since we all had a 3 day weekend of course we ended up sick. My cold started Friday night and I felt awful Saturday and Sunday. Rowan started getting it Saturday night and had a fever all day Sunday, he hasn't had one today so I think he will be ok to go back to daycare in the morning.

The baby has been moving a lot in the evenings before I go to bed, it is so exciting!! Our sonogram is the 31st and hopefully we will get to find out the sex!! I really can't wait I want to start buying stuff and looking at names but want to wait till we know what we are having.

I have contacted some local Doula's and will hopefully be meeting with them soon. I am really considering a waterbirth they have them available at the hospital and I am really interested in it. I will look into it more and see if it'll work out for us.

My gestational diabetes hasn't been an issue. At the last appointment I saw the doctor instead of the midwife she actually said that my range for blood sugars after meals- 1 hour- should be under 140, before I had been told under 120. That put my mind at ease since the highest ones's I ever have are around 127, so I guess I've been ok. I still have to test 4x's a day but that is really not a big deal. I think the GD and the diet has really helped me keep my weight in check, I have gained about 5lbs, but it probably would have been more if I hadn't been following this diet.