Thursday, March 12, 2015

No more diapers!

It happened pretty gradually that I really didn't even notice but Silas has been using the potty for months.  At first he would wear a diaper when we went out since he wasn't really good at telling us he had to go. At home he was always naked and would just go sit on his potty when he had to go. But he started hated putting a diaper on since he didn't need it. The last day we used a diaper cause we were running errands he actually told me every time he had to go and was dry! So we started going out without the diaper and he has done great!

I can't believe how much quicker he potty trained then Rowan and Eli!   It's really nice yo not have to deal with diapers anymore.  He's also dry at night! He his constantly naked at home unless we have company then he has to at least wear a diaper.  So he hasn't had a lot of experience pulling down pants so he needs help with that.

We bought him a seat for the toilet. Elmo "baby" he picked out but he usually climbs on and straddles it haha