Thursday, May 22, 2014

23 months!

Silas pretty much refused to hold his paper for his pics. He was obsessed with holding my real camera :/ I told him to smile for me and then he could have it. I only got maybe 2 pictures with it anyway before it said the memory was full.

Silas has been obsessed with baseball lately. He wants all the baseball stuff including bats and the balls. He has a baseball glove he walks around with and he went down for his nap today wearing Rowans cleats! He gets really excited when we say we're going to the baseball game. Last week we went to the park so mike could practice with the boys and Silas did not want to leave the field!  He loved it!

Still a good Eater. We bought a case of mangos so he's been loving those this week- we all have! He hasn't been going down for nap or bed as easy as he was. :( that's been hard since he was doing so good with that. He still usually sleeps at least 2 hrs at least.

Yesterday he got his first haircut!  Just a trim it was kinda crazy in the back and around his ears. He sat really still on my lap and did great!

I can not even believe he'll turn 2 in one month! He is babbling a lot! Not too many words still but he talks. He also shakes his head yes amd no and clearly understands what they mean lol

He's been really sweet lately and loves to give hugs! His favorite time of day is when his brothers get home!  He hugs them as soon as he sees them!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eli's field trip

Today I went with Eli on his class field trip. I really like doing this every year so was glad it worked out for me to go.  Mikes mom came to watch Silas and ended up watching Rowan too since he got sick this morning. He was fine but I made him stay home anyway.

I decided to just take eli to school so he was excited to not have to ride the bus!
Of course we rode the bus anyway. I forgot how loud they are. Especially with 30 kids!  Both tge kindergarten classes are small this year- eli only has 14 kids in his class!

He was really excited to help pack his lunch last night. He helped make his sandwich and picked out everything else to take- pretzels,  yogurt tube, oreo -he said he'd eat tgat first ; ), and some mini peppers in red orange and yellow.  He wrote his name on his sack and on mine he wrote "Eli's Mom" :)

First we went to the planetarium. He'd never been. I kinda forget that it exists they v do a lot of neat programs, hopefully we can all go sometime. He loved it!  He said he was scared at one point but I don't think he really was.

After the program we got back on the bus, he loved us sitting together!  And drove to Meadowbrook park for lunch and play. It was pretty warm- close to 90 today. But there was a good breeze so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Eli gets hot and red easily so I kept attempting to make him rest and drink water. He was annoyed each time I did this of course. We were at the park for probably. 3 hrs. Long hours. It wasn't too bad in tge shade though and we had plenty of water and snacks.

I think he was definitely pretty proud that o was there all day and it was really nice to hang out with hin.