Friday, December 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We let the boys draw "faces" on their pumpkins And then we attempt to carve them.

Rowan decided his should have 3 faces!

Eli's masterpiece!

Rowan side 1

Side 2

Side 3

Eli's carved pumpkin!

And mikes!

Eli was a rocketship and Rowan was a ghost!

After trick or treating we went to my moms church for games and cookie decorating!

Eli took one bite of his cookie and then walked away. I picked off the skittles (yuck!). And ate them :)

Rowan had no problem eating his!

Then we headed home to check out the goods!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mike!

Today was Mike's birthday! The boys have been so excited and counting down the days for the last few weeks. Rowan really wanted me to wake up and make donuts (I did a few weekends ago and they were good but took forever!). So, instead I said we could get up early and make coffee cake. I worked last night so was pretty tired this morning but got up anyway. When I went to get Rowan up to help (he had just woke up cause he heard the garbage truck) he said he was going back to bed and I could do it myself!! :). He got up a little while later and did help and we all got to have breakfast together!

I gave the boys each a roll of streamers to decorate before mike got home from work. They mostly just made tracks on the floor with it.

They put some around our Fall table too.

And then threw it all at Mike.

And he threw it all back at them!

Rowan has been working for weeks on presents/cards for Mike. This one is my favorite ;)
He randomly asked me to write "I like" on a post it one day. A few days later he wanted me to write my name on it. I don't think he planned this but it's pretty funny! He's been really into the stapler lately too.

I made pecan pie fir the first time ever! It was good and pretty easy to make!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Movie Night!

Mike is in a wedding tomorrow out of town. In the morning we'll all head down for it, but tonight he had to go to the rehearsal dinner. The boys and I decided to have a fun evening at home so we made some cookies popped some popcorn and cuddled up to watch some movies!

And yes, that was our dinner! I love Friday nights!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend we headed up to Michigan to spend sometime at the beach and visit some of Mike's family. We went last year to the same area for a wedding and had such a great time we decided it will be an annual trip for us. Luckily this year the weather was much warmer!

We stopped in Elkhart, IN to check out the RV Museum and hall of fame. Yes, that is a real place. Mike loves trailers and has been wanting to go there so we took a different route up so we could spend a few hours there. It was actually pretty neat, although I could have lived without smelling some of those really old trailers!

Mike was really excited!

After the museum we headed to mikes aunts house a few hours away. We also got to hang out with a few of his cousins, of course I didn't take any pictures of that but it was nice to see them. Most of our time was spent at the beach. We'd head there after breakfast (free at the hotel!) and eat lunch there and snack and leave pretty late.

The boys love the beach! Eli wasn't too into the water but the giant sandbox kept him pretty happy! Rowan loves being on the water and especially the waves!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Camping Weekend

Earlier this summer we got a pop-up camper, we finally got a chance to take it camping this weekend. It's nice and I slept much better than if we were in a tent! Plus there is so much room in there!

Mike's brother bought an awning to use for the 4th of July every year and we are keeping it at our house. We took it with us to put over the picnic table and we brought Christmas lights to put in it. The kids (and us) loved having the lights!

Saturday we did several trails

Including one through a little creek where the boys got to play for a while.

Rowan got to practice his balancing skills!

The park has an old homestead area that's really neat

Rowan begged to go up to the top of the observation tower and didn't even get halfway up before he wanted to come down. Mike and Eli made it a little more than halfway up. Me? I stayed on the ground!

Eli was so excited that he did it!

We ended the weekend with a Cub scout event, Rowan is really looking forward to cub scouts. We are all exhausted and ready to be home. Now to just recover before leaving again on Friday to head to Michigan for a few days at the lake! At least we'll be staying in a hotel so it'll be a little less work for us!