Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mike!

Today was Mike's birthday! The boys have been so excited and counting down the days for the last few weeks. Rowan really wanted me to wake up and make donuts (I did a few weekends ago and they were good but took forever!). So, instead I said we could get up early and make coffee cake. I worked last night so was pretty tired this morning but got up anyway. When I went to get Rowan up to help (he had just woke up cause he heard the garbage truck) he said he was going back to bed and I could do it myself!! :). He got up a little while later and did help and we all got to have breakfast together!

I gave the boys each a roll of streamers to decorate before mike got home from work. They mostly just made tracks on the floor with it.

They put some around our Fall table too.

And then threw it all at Mike.

And he threw it all back at them!

Rowan has been working for weeks on presents/cards for Mike. This one is my favorite ;)
He randomly asked me to write "I like" on a post it one day. A few days later he wanted me to write my name on it. I don't think he planned this but it's pretty funny! He's been really into the stapler lately too.

I made pecan pie fir the first time ever! It was good and pretty easy to make!

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