Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rowan's New Bed!

A few months ago I discovered this awesome website Knock-Off Wood. We were already thinking of getting Rowan a twin bed since he was barely fitting in his toddler bed anymore. Then I found the website and the plans for this bed and decided we should build Rowan a bed! Mike wasn't thrilled with the idea at first, but quickly realized I was right and we needed to build him a bed ;) The bed (and a lot of the furniture) is actually a knock-off from this site, here is his bed, it actually is listed at $900!!!
It was pretty easy to build, but did take FOREVER, mostly because we don't have a garage (I now understand what Mike has been complaining about for the last few years!) I already have several more projects picked out (especially this FarmHouse Table- with benches), but I'm thinking for the next one we'll need to borrow someone's garage....

the piece's built, just needed painted

(it's really comfy..)

Rowan waiting to see his new bed!

(complete w/ super cute bedding from Target!)

(the color on the pics is a bit messed up, this is the actual color of the walls)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pallet Shelf

A few weeks ago I came across this awesome blog Knock Off Wood. It is basically plans for building your own furniture, mostly Pottery Barn inspired furniture. We have been working on a big project that is almost complete, look for pics soon... But yesterday I decided I needed to build some of these pallet shelves. I love them, and will be making several more for our house this weekend (as soon as Mike brings home more pallets!) And I did it all by myself! Well almost, I needed a little help cause the wood was warped, but if it hadn't been I would have done it all by myself!