Monday, June 20, 2016


in 2 days Silas will be 4!  Thinking about that made me want to look at old pictures and what a better way to do that than through my blog 😉
A lot has happened since I last blogged. Shocking. I know.

I started nursing school last fall. Right after I started we finally sold our house. We had even debated taking it off the market while I was in school because it would be such a pain to move. So of course it would sell. We moved to the town where the boys school is and looove it! It is so nice to have their school and activities so close! So I finished my first 2 semesters of nursing school :/ and am enjoying my summer break. And hoping I don't forget everything I've learned...

Rowan just finished 5th grade! Which means he will be in junior high next year! That's hard to believe! He started playing soccer last fall and loved it. He joined band this year and is playing the clarinet. This spring he tried out for a play in our community theater. He ended up with a bigger part than he planned when someone else dropped out. He was a total natural and loved it! He even won an award for best juvenile actor! He is enjoying getting a little more freedom and every day asks to ride his bike further 🙄 ( there's a pretty main road and railroad tracks that go through the town or he'd probably have a little more freedom. He's also in scouts again and just transitioned to Boy Scouts.

Eli will be in 3rd grade next year! His 2nd grade teacher was amazing and we are so proud of how great he does at school! He decided to try out soccer this year and he did great and loved it! He really wanted to join cub scouts so he was able to do that since we moved- they meet at the church right down the road from us! He loves scouts!  He really likes getting to ride his bike around but of course gets mad that he can't go as far as Rowan.

Silas officially has a diagnosis of apraxia of speech. We started the school year off taking him to the preschool for speech but after we moved decided to enroll him in the preschool program. He rides the bus and it was too long of a ride from our old house. Since we are closer the bus ride isn't as bad. He loves going to school. It took some adjustment but he's done great. I go in once a week and do speech with him. We are seeing his speech therapist this summer for private therapy too. He's come a long way in the last year. I decided not to put him in swimming or Eco camp because of his speech. I feel bad that he's missing out on things but I didn't want others to struggle to understand him.