Monday, March 31, 2014

21 Months!

I can not believe how close he is to turning 2!!

He had his follow up hearing test last week and did great- not that I was worried. He's making some new sounds and trying to say sone words but I'm guessing we'll end up doing speech eventually.

He's still obsessed with the ketchup and mustard- did I blog that last month? He grabs tgem every time we open the fridge. Sometimes he carries them around or he'll just put them on tge table.

He's also been obsessed with the little broom and dust pan. So much that I bought him a cheap one finally just for him. Of course he has now lost interest in it :/

He's been taking his baths with rowan so that rowan can watch him and I can clean up after supper and he loves this!  He also loves getting into Eli's bed and sitting with both of them to read books.

He climbed to the top bunk one day though so he's not allowed in there alone. Clearly he's not behind in gross motor skills!

He's starting to want to do more things for us. When he hears me ask rowan or eli to throw something away he'll run to try and do it himself. It's really cute but of course if eli is involved he gets upset cause he wanted to do it...

Speaking of Eli,  silas and eli are crazy together. Eli is way too rough and then gets mad when silas tries to hurt him back. It gets really stressful at times. They can have fun together but it's mostly just fighting. Rowan is really sweet with silas usually unless he messes up his Legos or something really bad Like that ; )

We've gone on a few walks to the post office and silas walked the whole way there and back!  He loves being outside so hopefully we'll have spring weather more often soon!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 months!

I can't believe how close he is to turning 2!! :(

He's making a few more sounds or a tempting to at least. He says hot a lot and thinks anything with light is hot. Or anything that's cold lol. He asks over and over when we give him food if it's hot!

He painted for the first time a few weeks ago and had fun with that. He also played with goop- cornstarch and water. He loved that!  So much that he wanted to throw it all over ;)

We actually had a nice day a few weeks ago and he loved sitting on the tricycle! Rowan pushed him in the car on the big snow drift too.

He loves his brothers but is really crazy with eli. Most likely because eli is that way with him :/ they are basically like 2 toddlers together!  They have their peaceful moments though and they all laid in Eli's bed together the other night before bed.

When the boys watch movies silas will usually sit for a bit with them and when they laugh he laughs really loud. It's so cute!

He's starting to put his coat on when he's hoping to go somewhere. Hopefully it'll actually warm up soon so we can get outside more!

He's still a good Eater and wants fruit a lot. He can see it I'm the kitchen so it's easy to ask for. He insists on a whole banana with the peel on it. He also wants his cheese stick still in the wrapper. :/  he's getting really good at using a spoon!

When the boys are loud in the van he's starting to loudly yell over and over lol.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


It was in the 56 ' s today!! Since it wasn't raining when the kids got home we headed out after J left.   Silas still wasn't too excited by the snow. The pic of his mouth open was him saying "hot" it's hus new favorite word and apparently he's still learning what it means ;)

Once he saw the tricycle he was happy though!  Then my phone went off saying we had a tornado warning- actually was the county next to us. So the boys all took a quick bath to get the mud off and then they hung out in the hallway while I watched the weather.

It was nice to get outside though. Rowan and Eli haven't even wanted to play out in the snow lately. You kbow it's been a long winter when the kids are sick of it!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We've done this in  February for the past few years and the boys always love it.
I write on the chalkboard " I love _____ because. .." and everyone writes ( or tells us what to write) a reason they love that person. 
We said it had to be something nice. Of course,  rowan to Eli says something about him being crazy, eating pizza, and falling asleep. I let it stay since Eli thought it was the best thing ever.

They usually stay up for about a week each so I haven't got around to putting up ones for mike and I yet.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Never ending Winter.

ON TUESDAY the boys got out of school 2 hrs early because of the heavy snow we were expecting. Of course it hadn't even started to snow yet. By the time they got home there was a good covering on the ground.  Mike came home early too since the snow was coming down pretty fast and he didn't want to get stuck anywhere. He made peach upside down cake for dessert too!

Wednesday school was cancelled so we did some crafts- colored flags for some of the countries in the Olympics!  I've bee. Trying to get rowan to read Chronicles of Narnia but he hadn't really gotten into them so u started reading the first one out loud and they both really got into it. Me too! My school was closed to so I didn't have class. Yeah!! I m not really enjoying my professor this semester so was glad to have a night off.  Mike and the boys started making Lego flags for different countries too

I really thought they'd have school tiday- Thursday but about 9th we got the call that they were canceling again because of the drifts on country roads. Eli was already asleep but rowan stayed up for a while after that.

I had a quiz that closed today so was going to have to go I'm town just for my quiz. ( we take them on the computers in the testing center and I usually just do it before class. ) then they emailed that the computers were having problems so they'd extend it till Monday. Who hoo! !  I like getting them over with early usually because this class moves so fast but I really didn't want to drive in on crappy roads with the kids for a quiz that would take me 15 mins.

So now we are just bring lazy. The boys are playing Legos and we have brownies in the oven. I'm pretty sure they'll be back to school tomorrow. And even though I like having them more for the most part ; )  I am so sick of this winter and longing for spring!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Mike and I got new phones last week. We both upgraded to the Samsung galaxy S4 and love them. It takes great pics!  Like this one of silas   of course it's also taking some getting used to but we are getting used to it. Slowly,,,,

The boys got out early for the snow and mike came home early too. Most likely we'll all be here tomorrow too. I like our lazy Days at home but am quite ready for winter to be over!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day!

The boys are off school for another snow day! Technically it's for the extreme windchills of -25 below. It's really the worst kind of snow day since its way to cold to actually play in the snow. This winter has been crazy though and I think even the kids are tired of the snow!

I know they had another day off for the temps and then their Christmas break was extended a day ( or 2? It's all a blur now..). So they're at least at 3 snow days already.

I had class last night and its a pretty long walk from the building to the parking lot. Of course I don't have a decent coat so that didn't help and the classroom and lab were freezing!

So today we'll be warm, cozy and lazy inside and hope the boys don't spend the WHOLE day fighting so I can get some homework done!

Here's some pics of our snow days from the last few weeks. The big snow at the beginning of January- the polar vortex or something- left some crazy drifts I'm our yard. It's hard to measure the snow out here when it blows we could see grass in one spot and a foot away have a 4 ft drift. It's pretty neat to see. The big one in the backyard had the picnic table under it. We totally forgot it was there until the snow melted! The boys had been walking on too of it and had no idea!

We did the thing where you throw boiling water into the air and it turns to snow because its so cold. It was neat but hard to get a picture of.