Thursday, January 14, 2010

Safety In The Car

Next week I am taking the Child Passenger Safety Technichian class. It's something I've wanted to do for quite a while and they finally have a class I can attend- I'm really excited about it! (I might be a little dorky, but whatever...)

Today I came a cross this great post on car seat safety, written by Megan at Our Little Footprints. I think it's a definte must read for everyone with kids in car seats. She covers all the basic important information- did you know kids shouldn't be wearing their big bulky winter coats in car seats? She's also got some great links on her blog to video's on car seat safety (like extended rear facing).

The last paragraph was my favorite part of the post so I just had to repost it (w/ her permission of course):

To be frank, probably too frank, laziness and ignorance are crappy reasons for kids to be
unsafe in the car. There is excellent information on the safest way to secure your child in
the car that can be easily found and acted upon. Opting to ignore that information or be
too lazy to take a few extra steps to protect your child simply boggles the mind and may
cost your child her/his life, spinal cord, brain function or general health.

Did you know that something like 80% of car seats are installed WRONG!!?? How sure are you that your child's is installed right?

I'm sure after I take the (4 day) class you'll hear a lot more from me on this, so get use to it, or stop reading :) and if you need any car seat help after next week feel free to ask me for help- assuming I pass the test and all!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year- 2010!

New Year's Eve we planned a big night of snacks and sparkling juice. I had already planned on making a gingerbread cake (YUM w/ cream cheese frosting) so it worked out well that Rowan decided that day was Kitty's birthday- apparently he turned "almost 2." Kitty wanted a red cake (cause that's his favorite color), but he was ok w/ just red icing since the cake I was making was brown. He was nice enough to pose by the cake, but did not want candles or us to sing to him... I guess he's a little shy.

Rowan decided the next day that he was "just kidding" and it hadn't been kitty's birthday after all! HaHa!!

Eli was very excited to try the sparkling grape juice, he gets this excited about anything we give him in a cup without a lid so he really didn't know what he was getting in to

He did enjoy dipping his pretzels in it- even if he didn't want to drink it.

He was not as in to the hats as Rowan....

(after staring at this photo for quite a while, wondering why Eli looks so awful, I finally realized that this was when he had pink eye, and obviously I got him at the right angle to show it off!)

Rowan was crazy for the sparkling juice and the hats, I think he stayed up until 10:30- the party kind of gets ruined when they interrupt Ryan Seacrest for the news!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This was Eli's first time to play in the snow- and he really didn't care for it, lucky for him I was willing to sacrifice my outside in the freezing cold snow time to take him in early- it was a tough decision!

Rowan attacks the snowman with his chainsaw- he might have some anger issues....

We made snow ice cream again!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day

Last year Christmas was exhausting, opening presents, eating breakfast, and spending the next 1.5hours in the car. This year we decided we were doing nothing but staying at home, we had a blast. We were lazy, trashed the house with toys, ate way too many cookies.....the best day EVER!! We had stuffed manicotti and breadsticks for supper, and drank good coffee all day long (well not the kids). I think this will be our new tradition for Christmas Day- sorry Mom! :)
ok- this one isn't from Christmas, but I'm sure this is what he would've looked like Christmas morning when he saw his presents- if I had the camera ready...

coolest toy ever- it lights up!

So exciting!


he actually was excited about the socks!

I think he is using the block as deodorant....

click here for more info on their slings

building towers- Eli has started to build rather than just destroy...Rowan is very happy!

Christmas Eve