Friday, November 22, 2013

17 months!!

( look at me posting on the day and not a month late!)

I can not even believe next month this boy will be one and a half!
He's still super sweet and so awesome. We are so lucky to have him!

He's had a bit to adjust to in the past few weeks because I started watching my cousins 2 month old baby! Silas loves Jackson. Especially his feet! He always wants his shoes and socks. Always. He occasionally thinks he must be on my lap when I start giving Jackson a bottle but he has gotten much better about it. He looks for him first thing in the morning and seems confused if he's not here like on weekends. I'm excited to see them together over the next few months!

Silas loves his nights with daddy when I have class and almost always is still awake when I get home :/

He still eats most everything but will not let me feed him at all. Sometimes he'll let mike but not me.
He gets so excited when his brothers get home from school!

He is starting to fight being put in the car seat. Not fun especially since we are almost always in a hurry.

He wants to help do things around the house. He loves to push the broom and mop around. He wants to throw away trash- and stuff that isn't trash lol. He throws stuff into the sink a lot too. I need to try and get him in on the nightly clean up with his brothers!

He had his first bubble bath a few weeks ago. He was pretty freaked out and wouldn't sit down! The next time he would and he loved it!! He likes taking a bath with Eli. They've also been playing really well together lately and I think it's because Eli basically acts like he's a toddler ;)

Fall hike!

A few weeks ago ( 2? Maybe? Last weekend we had tornadoes so it was definetly not then!) it was gorgeous so we decided to go to a nearby state park to do some hiking. It was such a perfect day and the leaves were mostly still on the trees. We don't go to this park very often but there's this nice area we go to that's off the trail (!) that we love and is close to the river in the flood plane so it's pretty clear but was full of leaves on this day.

I even took my real camera! We used a a fallen tree to take pics of all of us together and got a great one for our Christmas card( yes I've already got them printed! So unlike me..) this pics are all from my phone but they are still good. I so wish we had some land so the boys could play in the woods every day!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Freddie's been missing for the last week and a half :(. She disappeared last Monday, which of course was the coldest night so far this year. We keep hoping she'll just randomly walk up some day, but the longer she's gone the less likely that seems.

The kids miss her but I don't think they really understand that we may never see her again. The last she was here she had spent the whole day in the laundry room (since it has doors and can be shut off from the rest of the house she gets to spend the night in there if she wants) because it was raining and she is not a fan of the rain. That evening she had started meowing to go out but every time we'd try to let her out she wouldn't go because of the rain so we finally just made her go out. Of course we feel bad now because we made her go out :(

We didn't worry right away when she didn't show up for breakfast, but as the day went on it became pretty odd that she wasnt coming home. At first we thought maybe someone put her in their garage since it was cold but I think she'd be out by now.... We put up a sign at our post office and we've driven all the close country roads to see if she'd gotten hit but there's been no sign of her.

We are still somewhat hopeful. Cats are strange animals and maybe she could've just taken off for a while....?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike's birthday was a few weeks ago- ok a month exactly...
We are pretty busy right now with me and school so he said we could just buy him a dessert but I couldn't let that happen!  The boys were off school on his bday for a 4-day weekend (Columbus day) so we headed into Walmart to get pecans so we could make a pecan pie!!!  (for some reason I didn't take a picture..)  They also picked out some candy for his bday.  We aren't too into buying presents and whenever I see the homemade gifts the boys come up with I remember why.
Rowan took a diaper box apart and made a giant card for him (below).  If we went to the store and bought a card it would just have some words that mean nothing to Rowan (or Mike) and the boys would write their names, where's the thought in that?  So, homemade is what we do and the boys love it and put a lot of thought into it!

 They each picked out what kind of chocolate they thought he would like, one was with hot peppers!
 For some reason Rowan always writes "Dear Mike" instead of daddy... I think in case Mike gets confused? haha He has a whole wall that's a bulletin board in his office at work so he took the giant card and hung it up there.

On Saturday, after his birthday, my mom came over and watched the kids and Mike and I went to the Amish buffet. It's really good, but pretty pricey so we haven't been there in forever.  He wanted to be able and look at the flea market stuff afterwards without the kids ;) so my mom watched them  It was nice to enjoy a meal without having to get food for them constantly-! And then we did some shopping at the outlet mall- fun times!

16 Months!

You would think since Silas is our 3rd baby it wouldn't be so shocking how fast time flies, but it is!

He's still napping great! And eating pretty well- his recent sickies had him not eating too good for a while but he's back to normal now.  He will usually fall asleep in the crib after I put him down awake- I really love that!

                          These were taken when he woke up one day and looked especially cute ;)

                                          Luckily he still has his chubby baby hands and feet!
                                   He was pretty excited to see all the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!
                                                     And was pretty sure he could lift them himself!

                           This was after his tumble in the rocks in front of our house so his cheek was all scratched up.

Above is his "fake cough" face he picked up during the cold he had.  He's over it now, thankfully.  He was pretty convincing!

 All 4 of his molars are coming in! Only one has broke through but the others are really close.  We experimented with the necklace on his neck for a few days so it was closer to his mouth- they are supposed to be worn close to the site of the pain.  It's back on his ankle now just because I like it there at night and get tired of switching it all the time, but he never messed with it on his neck at all. I still swear by these!! 
 He's still not really talking but started saying "BUH" for bus!  He points and says "uh" for everything else though.  He makes it very clear when he wants something. He also signs- milk, please, more, all done.  We are working on eat, drink and help too.  He pretty much gets whatever he wants- oops! ;) it doesn't help that Rowan and Eli want him to be happy so they give him whatever too.  He has an obsession with writing and is always trying to get the markers.  He has started to climb into the sink of their play kitchen constantly!!  He LOVES Freddie (the cat) and gets so excited every time he sees her.  He likes to try and pick her up too, she's not too into that but really doesn't get mad at him.  This is such a fun age! We love watching him learn and try new things everyday!