Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sick Silas

A few weeks ago we all got a cold. Not just any cold, one of those colds that lasts FOREVER!! It's been rough! We are pretty much over it now but it took a few turns for Silas.

First it turned into pink eye! I don't think anyone's had pink eye since Eli was a baby! Luckily the doctor called us in the meds so we didn't have to go in. Silas did pretty good with the drops and we caught it early enough that his eyes weren't too bad :/
We went to Charleston for the weekend to go to the homecoming game and there was a closing ceremony for an art show there that Mike was in. The boys stayed with mikes parents all day ( after we went to the parade!) and when we got back that night Silas had a fever. We didn't have a thermometer so I don't know how high it got but can tell by feeling that it wasnt too crazy high. He clearly didn't feel good and the fever last from Saturday- Tuesday! It was a long few days!
He woke up from Wednesdays nap with a rash on his back and stomach. It didn't really spread but by Thursday I had pretty much diagnosed it as Roseola ( thanks for the help google!) I spoke with the doctors office and they thought it probably was too and said he didn't need to be seen unless his symptoms changed. He was so fussy with it! The rash days were even longer than the fever days! Saturday morning he woke up and the rash was gone and he was back to being pretty again ;)

Then this week happened. Wednesday he had coughed some in the night and when he woke up from his ( very short!) nap he was clearly in pain and cried nonstop. It was awful. I could only get half a dose of medicine in him but I got him an appt with our doc ( so hard to do) for 4pm. Of course that meant I had to pick up Rowan and Eli at school and take them :/.
He'd been rubbing behind his right ear so I was pretty sure it was an ear infection and I was right. His left ear was red enough that she wanted to treat it. She actually couldn't see the right one enough because he is so waxy! She said it would just hurt him to clean it out so we skipped that knowing it was probably worse than the other anyway. So now he's on antibiotics for 10 days. But he is finally feeling better!
When we got home from the doctor he nursed and dozed on me for 2 hrs. He didn't have a fever earlier but by the time we got to the doc it was 101 and by the time we got home it was 102.5!
He doesn't nurse much anymore but when he's sick like that I am so glad he is! He wouldn't eat or drink anything else all day and its so nice to not have to worry about dehydration!

Now he's finally back to normal and I'm really hoping he's done with the sickness for the winter!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww he's getting so big! I miss him!