Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike's birthday was a few weeks ago- ok a month exactly...
We are pretty busy right now with me and school so he said we could just buy him a dessert but I couldn't let that happen!  The boys were off school on his bday for a 4-day weekend (Columbus day) so we headed into Walmart to get pecans so we could make a pecan pie!!!  (for some reason I didn't take a picture..)  They also picked out some candy for his bday.  We aren't too into buying presents and whenever I see the homemade gifts the boys come up with I remember why.
Rowan took a diaper box apart and made a giant card for him (below).  If we went to the store and bought a card it would just have some words that mean nothing to Rowan (or Mike) and the boys would write their names, where's the thought in that?  So, homemade is what we do and the boys love it and put a lot of thought into it!

 They each picked out what kind of chocolate they thought he would like, one was with hot peppers!
 For some reason Rowan always writes "Dear Mike" instead of daddy... I think in case Mike gets confused? haha He has a whole wall that's a bulletin board in his office at work so he took the giant card and hung it up there.

On Saturday, after his birthday, my mom came over and watched the kids and Mike and I went to the Amish buffet. It's really good, but pretty pricey so we haven't been there in forever.  He wanted to be able and look at the flea market stuff afterwards without the kids ;) so my mom watched them  It was nice to enjoy a meal without having to get food for them constantly-! And then we did some shopping at the outlet mall- fun times!

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