Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Summer

MMmmm tomatoes, fresh from the garden, we all love to eat them plain. Even Rowan, who lately won't touch anything that is actually healthy. Last week Eli got introduced to a fresh tomato and he is in love...

Actually obsessed might be a better word, maybe even addicted....

Eli now knows where the tomato plants are in the garden, and runs to them when we are not looking.... unfortunately he has not yet learned how to tell if a tomato is ripe

so he has picked many green tomatoes

of course the green ones aren't as tasty (or even as easy to eat) as the delicious red ones that give Eli such joy! He is truly in love when eating a tomato, but sometimes (ok all the time) Eli falls down, and when he falls down with a half eaten tomato in his hand, it's not very pretty, especially when he uses the hand holding the tomato to push himself back up, especially when he does this in a pile of fresh cut grass clippings, or a pile of tiny rocks....

then we are forsed to pry the half eaten tomato covered in grass and rocks out of his tiny hands...

and that makes for a very upset Eli......

hopefully he won't be forever scarred and grow up hating tomatoes.

Rowan Turns 4!!!!

Since it has been weeks since Rowan's birthday and I have become so bad at this whole blogging thing that I didn't even come up with a cute post about my baby turning 4!!! I decided to give you something even better. Below you will find Rowan's own words summing up his birthday party- and a few, very few thanks to lack of decent internet, pictures of his big day. I would also like to mention that my cousins and there 2 boys came and Rowan got a few more gifts, but obviously only remembers the important ones... If you've never seen Rowan as a baby, and are curious to see if he was always this cute.....click here for a few pics.

In Rowan's words:

It was pretty fun. I want to have another birthday party. Eli's crying, probably cause I flushed the toilet. I want to have 3 birthday parties! I had one! Grandma J and Grandma C came to my birthday party. I want to have 5 birthday parties. I got a ball and a bat and bubbles GREEN BOOTS!!!! Thank you for the cake mommy.

If you see us in real life you will most likely be seeing Rowan in these boots, he wears them most of the time, and since most of the time he gets to pic out his own clothes they look pretty interesting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Party!

slowly getting caught up..... His party was the 28th!

Rowan was kind enough to "help" Eli open presents

Sometimes he actually did let Eli help

New fire truck

Sometimes Rowan lets Eli play with it

Eli trying out his new boots

(action shot)

The cake- kind of looks like fireworks, not really what I was going for, but then again I'm not really sure what I was going for either...

and in case you're wondering it was a banana cake, w/0 sugar

Yeah it tasted like it sounds.... but he didn't seem to mind

He also got frozen yogurt- homemade of course

We decided to invest in a pool for Eli's birthday- it's nice!

Jealous aren't you?

Eli wasn't to into the pool, but still loves the car (that we bought at a garge sale for $2 2 years ago!)

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Do List

-Blog about Eli's birthday party
-Put away laundry
-Blog about Rowan's birthday (He's 4 now!!)
-Put away laundry
-Blog about the 4th and share very cute/funny pics of Eli
-Blog about Rowan's new lovely attitude
-Put all pictures from above items on the computer so I CAN do these
-Put away laundry

We've been really busy, or we haven't but I feel like we have been- did I mention I started a job? I'm still adjusting, and even though it's just part-time, it is quite an adjustment! Keep checking back eventually I'll find time to put up new pics- and hopefully it'll be on a day my internet decides to work!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Once Again...

.... I'm trying to win something. The Secret Stitch Club is having another apron giveaway- 2 actually! They also have a yummy looking recipe for key lime filled cupcakes! So go check it out and enter.