Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 Months

One more month! WoW!! Big month for Eli- he traveled out of state and he's talking!!! Ok so he only says "go" and "cracker.," but it still counts and he is absolutely adorable when he says cracker! He is still walking a lot, but usually falls down after about 10 steps, he gets very excited about it though. He still has quite a temper and already seems to love fighting with his brother- yeah can't wait till they are older.

He has rediscovered his bouncy seat- you know the ones for infants. He loves to sit in it and stand on it and bounce and dance (another favorite of his), he thinks he's pretty funny, especially when he lays down and pretends to go to sleep in it. He's also learning how to undo the velcro on his diaper covers! Such a smartie!! So I am trying to remember to keep shorts or pants on over them at all times. He loves being outside and getting dirty, and eating sand and I'm sure every other gross dirty thing he can find do to. Oh yeah he tried to eat cat poop- yeah it's ok if that made you gag- I did when I was told about it, of course I wasn't here- that wouldn't happen on my watch....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Never Ending Weekend

Friday morning we got up and headed to Murfreesboro, TN for my cousin's wedding. It was a 6 hour drive (minus the many stops the children required!). Like always Eli wasn't to into napping in the car (shocked aren't you?) and he probably only slept 2.5hrs. total in the car (that's both his naps). I find the car to be exhausting and don't know how he can keep his eyes open so much.

The wedding was at 7pm so we had sometime to sit in the hotel and get dinner before getting dressed to go. Of course I didn't get any pictures at the wedding, but Eli had a super cute outfit. The wedding was beautiful! I am really not that into weddings (or maybe I'm just not into the extreme cost that goes into weddings- I just don't get it), but I really like this one, they did things just a little different (like the guys walking into the drums playing..) that made me really like it. SInce it was in the evening instead of having a meal they had a DESSERT RECEPTION- seriously genius!! Rowan really like that part, and it totally made up for the fact that there was no alcohol (I know, but it really was still nice). The boys did surprsingly well during the ceremony, Eli even clapped after they had a group of little girls sing (adorable). I probably should have put the oictures in more than one post, but you'll live.

Are you wondering about this picture? We bought disposable diapers for the trip and I couldn't believe how skinny Eli looked in them. I guess I forgot how bulky the cloth really are!

Eli was super tired at the reception (which was after his bedtime!), but he still managed to help me make my new ring sling look cute!

My cousins were in the wedding and helped clean up afterwards so we brough Rowan's cousin (2nd or 3rd cousin? I don't know..) back to the hotel with us. Rowan was so excited and just kept wanting to hug C- who was not as excited as Rowan, but did put on a happy face for the camera.

Eli loved checking out the hotel!

And he especially loved the fact that there was no crib, which apparently meant he didn't have to go to bed. He finally gave in at 11:30pm(almost 4 hrs. after his normal bedtime) and was up at 6:30am the next day. What is wrong with this child?! Seriously!?

So Saturday morning we got up and drove to Kentucky to a park just south of Evansville, IN. It was about a 3 hour drive (we wanted something half was home). After we got our tent set up we went for a hike.

Eli slept in the Ergo carrier, on my front since it was a short hike.

I thought it was cute when he folded his arms under his head.

The boys loved that there was so much dirt to play in. Luckily Rowan took a bunch of diggers so he was able to get extra dirty! It was really fun when it rained!

Eli liked the dirt too.

We bought a new tent since our old one was getting tight with Rowan, this one is great and has tons of room.

Eli chillin' in Rowan's chair with Rowan's water bottle. He tumbled out of the chair right after I took this. Reminder- never leave babies unattended in chairs without straps- or something like that.

Reminder- The 3 year olds water bottle is NOT spill proof.

Eli's new favorite toy is this Barney handheld vacuum. He loves to clean with it.

What happens when you forget your backpack.

Sunday we went on a 3.5mile hike. It took us about 2 hours at Rowan's pace- ok so I was probably slower than Rowan. But there were a lot of hills and a lot of steep hills. Rowan walked most of it and just had Mike carry him a little. Eli rode on my back in the Ergo, he napped for a while at first and then enjoyed looking up at the trees. It rained the whole time, but we were in the forest so didn't feel most of it and when we did it felt really good.

We came around a corner and this deer was standing right there eating, just a few feet away. It looked at us and then kept eating, but didn't run. I was a little scared, ok terrified. Usually they run, I was convinced it was going to come after us.

Saturday night both boys seemed to be getting colds, but they both seemed fine the rest of the weekend. We were worried about Eli, since he is suppose to get breathing treatments as soon as his cold starts. Of course I didn't take the machine, although I thought about it. So we started it last night when we got home hoepfully he doesn't get too bad. I started feeling awful yesterday morning and felt like crap the whole ride home, then spent the rest of the day on the couch. I feel better today so I'm pretty sure I'll survive this cold. Eli is sleeping better already, he stayed up way to late every night we were gone, and hardly napped. SUnday we were all exhausted and all decided to take a nap in the tent. Mike and Rowan fell alseep right away, I nursed Eli hoping he'd fall alseep, but no. I kept dozing and he just kept crawling all over us like we were playing a game. Eventually Mike woke up and took him and Rowan and I napped. H efell alseep later in the stroller for 30minutes- maybe. I just don't get him at all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was Rowan's last day at daycare. We've been sending him 2 days a week since Eli was born for us both to have break. He went to a wonderful in home daycare run by Buffy. We all have loved it, she has been great and he loves going there. I know he's going to really miss her and the other kids, and maybe someday he'll look at these pictures and wish he would have actually looked at and smiled at the camera! I'm sure in a few days we both will really be missing Buffy!!
Rowan and Buffy (and know that's not her real name)

Eli loves all the kids and different toys

Had to say goodbye to Barney- and still not look at the camera!

In other news we are heading to Tennessee Friday for my cousins wedding. Saturday we will head back north a bit and spend 2 days camping in Kentucky. We are really excited to go do something, even if it means a 6+hour car ride with two kids- wish us luck!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rowan's Garden

Mike gave Rowan a small square of the garden this year so he could have his very own little garden. He planted celery, peas, carrots, broccoli, a sunflower (for the peas to climb up), and awatermelon- his first lesson after stuff starts growing will be on thinning out the plants- and why you don't plant so much so close together!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Poor Quality Video- With Adorable Baby Laughing

Weekend Wrap-Up

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend enjoy the gorgeous weather. Eli gets so excited when we just walk outside it's tough to keep him inside, but much easier for me..

Eli is taking 3-4 steps at a time- by himself!! Of course it usually ends with Rowan running over ( and accidently knocking Eli over) to show us he too can take 3 steps!

Mike and I went out ALONE Saturday. We had an early dinner at Radio Maria's and ate some delicious Tappa's (which seem to be smaller portions of appetizers that cost the same or more) but they were excellent so that's alright. This was only the second time we have been out -alone- since Eli was born.

We had a great Mother's Day, that included a last minute picnic with my mom, aunt, and my cousins kids- so Rowan had a blast too!

Friday our washer broke a belt. The load that was being washed had to be removed- soaking wet- so we could get the water out, which meant we had dripping wet, dirty clothes (that started to smell after being left in the bucket overnight) all over the picnic table and deck. Of course the one place that sells replacement belts around here closes at 2pm on Saturday (which we found out when we called at 1:40!) and are closed Sunday. So we have not been able to do any laundry since Friday, we almost had to buy disposable diapers (I know- -gasp..-) but my mom saved us and took a load home to wash! Thanks again Mom!!
Of course as a direct result of the washer breaking (I'm pretty sure these things wouldn't have happened if the washer worked fine
-Eli had some completely random puking incidences 9most likely from choking and gagging on foods) which resulted in more dirty laundry from his clothes, towels, and Mike's clothes- since he was puked on (am I wrong for being amused by that?). He also puked on our sheets, and my favorite bedspread.
- Eli has also had a couple of the largest most explosive poops this weekend, resulting in poopy clothes and towels (from extra baths). Don't worry I did rinse the gross stuff.
- Both boys have gotten absolutely filthy everytime they go outside, resulting in lots of dirty towels and washrags.
-I ripped a hole in my crappy-weararoundthehouse jeans, granted they already had a hole, but now they aren't wearable at all. I am pretty sure almost every towel, washrag, and piece of clothing we own is dirty, thankfully Mike got the belt and as soon as he gets home we can do laundry again!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Boys

I haven't posted many pictures lately, but I have been taking them- lots. We are enjoying the weather- hours at the park, lazy days, and the sandbox. We spend WAY too much time there, well that's my opinion the boys are crazy about it. Eli never loses interest in tasting sandy toys, but makes a face each and every time- will he ever learn?