Friday, July 27, 2012


I can't believe Silas is already a month old! You'd think by now I'd realize how fast time flies, but no it still surprises me!

He had his 1 month appt yesterday. He did great cause he's awesome ;)

He weighed 14lbs 4oz and was 23 3/4 inches long. He was in the 99.9% on the growth charts! And I thought Rowan and Eli were big at that age!

He really is such a good baby. He sleeps great at night usually 5 hrs, nurses, and another 2-3 hrs. So I really only get up twice to nurse him. Of course I still feel exhausted every afternoon. He's had a few 6 hr stretches so I'm hoping for more of that.

The boys are usually pretty into him. Although, the other day when he was fussing Eli said he " didn't want a baby anymore" Rowan usually just wants to hold him and kiss him constantly!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rowan turns 7!!

We went to IHOP for breakfast because Rowan saw a commercial for red velvet pancakes and wanted them. Originally we were going to go to Cracker Barrel but birthday boy chooses. Of course he didn't even get the red velvet pancakes! ( I kind of hate our ihop, I think it's dirty..)

After Rowan finished his pancakes and chocolate milk the waitress brought him a sundae and sang happy birthday! He was all shy about it but so excited :)

Next we went to the childrens museum. He planned on mini golf but changed his mind at the last minute. The museum was better for Silas so we preferred it.

Next we went to Dallas and Co. The local costume/magic shop. I haven't been since I was a kid and mikes been wanting to take the kids. They picked out some little toys and were kind of freaked out by the masks :)

Next we hit the grocery store so Rowan could pick out supper. He chose mozzarella cheese sticks, oj, and donuts. Then we got some drinks and tots at Sonic.

After supper we gave Rowan the RC helicopter we got him. He was sooooo excited!

He said it was his "best day EVER!!" :). Success!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog fail..

I was really hoping I'd stay up on blogging after Silas was born... Oops! Maybe after school starts up? I love looking back at the blog from when Eli was born and want to have that with Silas too.

Tomorrow he is 3 weeks old!! It's also Rowan's birthday! 7!! How did that happen?? Eli turned 4 five days after Silas was born. Neither of them are getting parties this year we told them they got a baby brother instead ;)

Rowan had his physical the other day so I asked if we could weigh Silas. At 2 1/2 weeks old he weighed 12lbs 5oz!!!! He was 10lbs 2oz at his appt at 3 days so he gained 2lbs 3oz in 2 weeks!! I still can't believe how big he was... We met my cousins baby girl last weekend she is exactly one week younger and was born 3lbs smaller!

I had a hard time seeing him as big until I could compare him to a normal sized newborn ;) clearly he is a bit bigger than her!