Sunday, April 27, 2014


We always go to Mikes grandma's for easter and the kids love seeing their cousins and of course the egg hunt!  We also had an egg hunt that Friday with my mom and sister. And a rough game of keep away!
Silas confused the egg hunt with pick up all the random crap you find in the yard and put it in your basket. ;) the best part was definitely when he opened an egg rook out a peep stared at it and threw it on the ground. Haha. I hate peeps so thought tgat was funny!


EIU has an art celebration every spring. They have fair food, craft vendors, music and even a kids craft tent. We haven't been in a few years and a good friend of a Mikes was coming down with his family so we decided to go meet up. Of course we saw a billion other people we (Mike) knew...

I didn't take any pics at the fair for some reason but the kids had a lot of fun. Eli played with Mikes friends 2.5 yr old. They got along great. It's kinda funny how well Eli played with a 2 yr old haha! Rowan said that I never let him do anything alone so he wanted to walk down the row of vendors by himself. He came back after the first one and said I could go with him ;)  he did stay in the craft tent by himself painting.
We ate some good food- corn dogs and red velvet funnel cake! Yum
Afterwards we went to Mikes parents for a bit. Mike really wanted to go look for mushrooms in the ravine so rowan and I went with him. The hike back was going down a really steep hillside. Apparently it used to be a regular hill but a lot of the side got washed down in tge heavy rain a few years ago. Rowan had a blast! I really wish we had land like that for him to explore more but I'm glad we can at least go there so they can explore.

The kids ran around playing soccer and we ate supper before we headed home and went to bed. That hike was exhausting!

22 Months! !

It's spring! 2 months till our baby turns 2!!

I think I'm finally seeing some added sounds this month! I need to look back at when eli was this age and how his speech was...
He says or tries to say these words:
Cheese- "eese" when taking pics not for the food.
Ball- "ba"
Bus- same as ball
He can say mama and dad a but doesn't often

I know there's more I can't think of right now.

He's obsessed with the radio and insists on it when he goes to bed or nap. We set in his crib on low and he's quite happy. He usually goes to bed without crying if he has the radio.

He loves being outside and rowan has been great at watching him and pushing him in his swing or in his car.  Rowan started baseball practice a few weeks ago and since I have class mike usually has to take him and eli. The coach volunteered his teenage daughter to watch them so mike could help the team and Silas and eli have both been having a lot of fun at the playground with her.

He's getting good at walking up and down the stairs out front. He now has 13 teeth!  The other 3 canines are close to popping through too. He has days where he doesn't eat much and I think it's from his teeth. He'll always drink a smoothie though!  He knows what cabinet I keep the blender in and he'll go over there and point to it and say ugh until I open it. Haha