Sunday, April 27, 2014

22 Months! !

It's spring! 2 months till our baby turns 2!!

I think I'm finally seeing some added sounds this month! I need to look back at when eli was this age and how his speech was...
He says or tries to say these words:
Cheese- "eese" when taking pics not for the food.
Ball- "ba"
Bus- same as ball
He can say mama and dad a but doesn't often

I know there's more I can't think of right now.

He's obsessed with the radio and insists on it when he goes to bed or nap. We set in his crib on low and he's quite happy. He usually goes to bed without crying if he has the radio.

He loves being outside and rowan has been great at watching him and pushing him in his swing or in his car.  Rowan started baseball practice a few weeks ago and since I have class mike usually has to take him and eli. The coach volunteered his teenage daughter to watch them so mike could help the team and Silas and eli have both been having a lot of fun at the playground with her.

He's getting good at walking up and down the stairs out front. He now has 13 teeth!  The other 3 canines are close to popping through too. He has days where he doesn't eat much and I think it's from his teeth. He'll always drink a smoothie though!  He knows what cabinet I keep the blender in and he'll go over there and point to it and say ugh until I open it. Haha

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