Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today was the last day of gymnastics for the boys. A new session starts again next week but since Rowan is doing baseball and they practice from 5-6:30 Monday and Wednesday , the gymnastics isn't going to work for now. We'd leave the house at 1:40 to go to gymnastics and go straight to baseball since that doesn't end until 4 (today we stopped for McDonald's) and then not get home until 7! Might not seem that bad but when you add in an almost 30week (!!!!) pregnant mom it just doesn't work.

They loved gymnastics though so hopefully we can do it again in the fall and now I can nap on Monday and Wednesday afternoon again! ;)

Eli tried out the hoola hoop today during Rowan's class! He wasn't too bad I think we might have to get one...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Derby Day!

Saturday was the Pinewood Derby for Rowan's cub scout troop. He was so excited about this! He spent a lot of time planning what he wanted his car to look like ( a lot!) he got to go to Mike's work to help make the car with all the shop tools and he got to paint it!

He was so proud!

This is the track he's behind the kid in brown....

They did several races for each group (den?.. I'm really not up on the cub scout lingo)

After the races, Rowan won a couple but his car really wasn't too fast, they interviewed the boys. They had to fill out a questioner before and just asked those questions. Rowan named his car Pointy! :). He said the interview was his favorite because he got to use the microphone! It was pretty cute.

After taking nice pics of all the Tiger scouts they let them take a silly pic. Rowan is on the left above- he takes silly pictures very seriously...(I also discovered how short he is compared to the other boys... Not sure if he's about to hit a growth spurt but I've never noticed that before..)

Rowan got 2nd place for Best in Show out of the Tigers! (basically they liked his car :)) he got a ribbon for that and a trophy for winning 3rd place for Best in Show overall out of the whole troop!! He was hoping for a trophy so very excited about that!

Eli got a ring pop! Woohoo!

Rowan with his ribbon and trophy! He now thinks we should build him a shelf for all his trophies ( this one and one for t- ball...) ;). We'll get right on that!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our nice mild winter has been replaced with gorgeous late spring/summer weather! It's warm and oh so nice! Yesterday I took the boys to Meadowbrook park to play.

They were having fun playing with a new friend Eli made, so much fun that they thought they should follow the friend and his dad right out of the play area. I was pretty close so saw them and got them pretty quickly but I was not happy! We left right then, especially after Rowan accused me of not wanting them to " ever make new friends!" uh, what??

We still had an hour to kill before Mike got off work so we went to the Arboretum and Idea Garden. We love going there and there is rarely any people there and never other kids...

Of course there isn't any pretty flowers right now but it's still nice and they love the tiny sandbox. Last time we were there in the fall they still had berries on the bushes this time they had their cold frame/greenhouse area with lots of greens. The boys each sampled some spinach

In other news, I'm now 27 weeks! Not sure where that time went! I have done nothing to get ready for the baby. Not that I need to do much, the biggest thing is to (hopefully) find a carseat that will fit in the backseat of our car with the ones we have and not have to buy 3 new ones- guess we'll see!
The other stuff- bassinet, swing..- I plan to get 2nd hand so hopefully I can find stuff at garage sales or consignment stores.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


And me at 26 weeks

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Testing. I just got the blogger app it's different than the one I was using so I'm trying it out.

Rowan NEEDED me to take his picture in the mirror with the birthday hat on it at Target. Of course Eli had to try it out too...