Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today was the last day of gymnastics for the boys. A new session starts again next week but since Rowan is doing baseball and they practice from 5-6:30 Monday and Wednesday , the gymnastics isn't going to work for now. We'd leave the house at 1:40 to go to gymnastics and go straight to baseball since that doesn't end until 4 (today we stopped for McDonald's) and then not get home until 7! Might not seem that bad but when you add in an almost 30week (!!!!) pregnant mom it just doesn't work.

They loved gymnastics though so hopefully we can do it again in the fall and now I can nap on Monday and Wednesday afternoon again! ;)

Eli tried out the hoola hoop today during Rowan's class! He wasn't too bad I think we might have to get one...

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