Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome Eli Richard!!

Eli was born June 27, 2008 at 2:32pm. He was 8lbs 3oz- 4oz smaller than Rowan(despite the diabetes!) 21in. long. He has so much hair, even sideburns! I ended up with pitocin but it was very quick and I didn't have any drugs!! I'll write more about the birth later, but am feeling way better than I did last time! Rowan loves him and wants to hold and kiss him all the time! Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Last Night as a Threesome- in Pictures

Rowan trying to dig in the garden- before he was removed!Playing with his new green ball from Culver's!

Flying the big airplane

and of course no night is complete without

Trying to catch lightning bugs

Family pic- Rowan insisted on saying "cheese" to daddy not the camera!

Grocery Shopping

It may not sound very exciting, but we woke up early (thanks Rowan!) and headed to the local Amish area to check out the deals at the salvage grocery store. We like to go there every once and a while we can really stock up and not spend nearly as much as we would at the grocery store. We thought we should get a bunch of stuff for easy meals for the next few weeks since we will probably be busy. We got a bunch of stuff to freeze that is precooked so they will make quick dinners. STocked up on fruit- we can't get enough fresh fruit lately!!

As we were walking through the cookie aisle, getting Rowan the usual animal cookies. I suddenly remembered that this baby will be out in 2 days!!! Two days, that means in two days I will no longer have gestational diabetes. My meals (and life) will not longer revolve around how many grams of carbs or sugar there are in everything I eat. I will not have to poke my finger 4x's a day to check my blood sugar, I will not have to "pee on a stick" every morning to see if there are keytones in my urine.

So today at the store instead of drooling at all the stuff I can't have I bought it!! I bought pudding mixes, a brownie mix, a cake mix and... my favorite
a package of......and I may just eat them all myself!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soon There Will Be TWO!!!

Rowan's daycare provider is on vacation for 2 weeks, perfect timing right? So while I am hugely pregnant and trying to stay positive about these final days, I don't get my peaceful break from 8-3. He has been pretty good during the morning- even helped me clean his room today-, but as soon as nap is over he is like a different child. He wakes up whiney and demanding and bossy!! He tries to kick and scream when it's time to change his diaper- but won't use the potty. He yells (loudly) A LOT!! He constantly calls our names out and starts throwing a fit if we do not answer the second he wants- like if Mike and I are having a conversation.

I am really hoping all this lovely new behavior is because his routine has been messed up and not what we have to look forward to as he turns three!!

On a positive note he has been napping pretty well, and still goes to bed easily. Although he has been up later, but that is more our fault for wanting to enjoy the gorgeous evenings before the sun goes down.

I've been noticing lately how much Rowan talks now- especially since he NEVER stops talking!! I remember last year right before he turned 2, he talked but not much he hardly ever said mom, most of his words had to do with the important things- dad, truck, train...- and now a lot of the time he even uses correct grammar!! I think 2-3yrs is such a big year and can't believe all the changes he's gone through. He is definetly a big boy now!! If only he would get with the whole potty training thing we'd be all set! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

And the countdown begins...

There was no change in my cervix again- uugghh what the hell is wrong with my cervix!! All of the tests on the baby look fine though, so we are scheduled to go in Thursday night. I still have a little hope that I may actually go into labor on my own, but if not oh well. So Thursday at 5pm I have orders to call L&D and they will tell me what time to come in, I'll get my cervidil and then be on the monitor for 2 hours. Then they want me to try and sleep. The midwife suggested I take a sleeping pill, but I was kind of looking forward to staying up late and watching cable tv!! We don't have cable so Mike and I are thinking of this like a little vacation- no Rowan, cable tv, meals delivered... oh I guess the pain of being in labor and giving birth will probably remind me that I am not going to a hotel!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

40+ Weeks Belly Picture

40 weeks

and as a comparison... me at about 4 weeks pregnant- a little different!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Evil "I" Word...

I was induced with Rowan, not because there was a major medical issue, just because I was a few days overdue. I wish I hadn't let the doctor so easily talk me into it, and I really do think that it led to me spending the whole day of labor in bed...which led to the epidural...which led to the HUGE episiotomy....which led to the months of awful pain afterwards. Now I know I still could have had all of that even if I wasn't induced, but that's just how I feel about it.

I wanted it to be different this time, the hospital we are at has midwives, I was hoping to not even have to mess with a doctor. A doctor who would most likely treat my pregnancy as a medical problem instead of something that my body was made for. I feel like I'm treated differently when I have an appointment with a midwife, it's so much more personal. I thought I would finally get the experience I wanted.

Then I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and suddenly my pregnancy became "high risk." I had to rotate appointments with a doctor, and I did feel treated different at those appointments than with the midwives, but thankfully I was able to stay off insulin so I will still get to have my delivery with a midwife.

Yesterday I had another check-up, which started with an ultrasound for amniotic fluid check (looks good!), a Non-Stress Test (baby looks great, and I had 1 contraction on paper, and I didn't even feel it!), and an appointment with a midwife. I of course said I wanted to be checked and she agreed and asked if the doctor I had been seeing had ever mentioned how far overdue she would let me go- no it wasn't something I had ever wanted to ask her. So she checks me, well tries to check me apparently my wonderful cervix is still too far up or back or whatever! She did say it was VERY soft which is a good sign.

She went to find the doctor to see what her verdict would be. The doctor told her I could have until 40weeks 6days, next Friday the 27th, if I didn't go by then I would be induced with pitocin. Now I did not have pitocin with Rowan all they did was break my water, but I have heard enough about pitocin to know that I do not want it! I would also have to be monitored constantly and wouldn't be able to use the hot tubs or any water on pitocin. So at this point I feel like I want to cry- I am still pregnant and all hormonal and stuff!

We then talk more about the next week and the appointment I will be scheduled for on Monday. I will once again have an ultrasound( this will be #6- I really hope these are as safe as they claim) and Non-Stress test, but this time they will be doing a biophysical profile. I'll have another exam and if there is no change in my cervix we will schedule the induction. I will have to go to the hospital Thursday night and they will insert cervidil and hopefully that will work while I sleep. If that doesn't strt me into labor then Friday morning I will get pitocin. If my cervix has changed by Monday (or even Friday) then they will have other options- sweeping my membranes, or even breaking my water.

I feel a little better about my chances of not having pitocin, and maybe even going into labor on my own- I would like to find out if my body can do this! I am glad to know there is some end in site, and if nothing else by this time next week I will be drinking a pop!!! MMMmmm!!!! Oh and I'll have my newborn baby boy- I guess that's better than the pop! Although I do love McD's Dr. Pepper! :)

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Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been very bad...

Mike and I shared this after lunch at Friday's today...

And I am not sorry at all!! It was good!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Does Nesting REALLY Exist?

When I was pregnant with Rowan I was quite lazy (especially at the end), I kept thinking that I would get this huge burst of energy and clean my entire house all at once- this is nesting right? Well I waited and waited and never felt that energy at all. My house got messier and messier because I was waiting to feel the need to nest. I ended up being induced a few days after my due date. The night before we went in for the induction we worked really hard (and late) to get the house in order. I've wondered if I hadn't been induced if I would have ended up feeling the urge to "nest," but who knows.

This pregnancy I am a little less lazy, but I do have an almost 3 year old I have to take care of so I don't really have a choice. The past week I have spent doing A LOT of stuff to get the house ready. EVen though I've done all this I still don't feel like it is "nesting." I don't feel like I have an overwhelming urge or need to clean my house. It's more like I want it clean before he's born so I don't come home to a disgustingly dirty house with a neborn and a toddler to deal with. That I know my mom will be staying here with Rowan when we are in the hospital and if it's not clean she'll do it- ALL WRONG, and then I'll just be pissed off! I remember how stressful it was when Rowan was first born and how little I cared about cleaning during that time, so I know it needs to be done now. And even though I have done a lot of cleaning there are still things I've set out to do everyday this week but then just don't get around to. I keep wanting to mop the kitchen floor but haven't (I have had Mike sweep though), I keep "meaning" to vacuum, and three days this week I have sprayed the tub and put cleaner in the toilet, and then I just rinse it out when it's bathtime (or flush the toilet)! Maybe this is me being half lazy.

I'm just not sure about this whole nesting thing. What do you think, is it real? Any nesting stories, did you really have that energy and urge to clean?

All Dressed up..

Yesterday we went to my cousin's wedding. Since we have never taken Rowan anywhere that we expected him to be quiet, I was a little worried about how he would act during the ceremony. We kept telling him that if he was quiet at the wedding later on we would go the the reception and he would get to have cake (after dinner of course)!! He did really well, he's been into whispering lately so he still talked to us but it was quiet, then he realized he could scoot his chair back and forth- but it was quiet so who cares! We just kept holding that cake over his head and he'd get quiet everytime- don't you just love bribery!!!
At the reception they had a chocolate fountain and a table full of stuff to dip. Lots of fruit, pretzels and of course MARSHMALLOWS!!! Rowan discovered the all sugar treats pretty early and had no problem getting away from us for a quick second to dash to the table and grab more. He would usually have one eaten by the time I could get myself up from my chair, so he had a lot more than we would have liked. Luckily there was a hill right by the tent so he was able to get out some energy by running and rolling up and down the hill. It was torture for him to have to look at the cake and cupcakes all night without getting any.

Rowan was really into the champagne glasses that were on the table and played with it all night (they were plastic), but we told him he had to wait for the toast before he could drink out of it- I kind of thought he would just dump it all over himself with that cup.

Finally it was toast time!!
Rowan wasn't going for the water only in his cup since everyone else had beer- what he called the champagne (don't know how he knows what beer is ;) ). So I gave him a little bit of my tea with his water, he got all excited and said "Pop and beer!!!" We don't let him drink pop either so he thinks that sparkling water is pop.

Rowan started getting really loud during the toast, we'd threaten with the cake again, but he kept saying "I want to talk!" So we'd tell him to drink his beer, of course he would start saying it to. Mike thinks the people behind us probably thought he was really drinking- and since it kind of looked like beer, oh well!
Well all that boozin finally caught up with Rowan, and he fell out of his chair, and somehow also pulled his chair down on top of him- they were pretty light chairs and he was fine. He thought it was funny- probably from all the beer! I cou ldn't get a pick of him on the ground but did get one with my cousin helping him up. See he's laughing.
.... and FINALLY after waiting all day and having us threaten with it all day...he got his cupcake, he wanted brown I said white, I figured that would be a little better than chocolate with chocolate icing!

Well after the cupcake was all gone we had nothing else to hold over his head, so he pretty much got to run wild, which for Rowan meant a little pole dancing, ok he pretty much just swung around on it, and running back for more marshmallows!!

Trying to show off his moves w/ my cousins Josh and Mindy.
Me, my sister Abby, and my cousin Mindy- they had been enjoying their fancy drinks- I had ice tea- A LOT
Me and my boy- he doesn't seem as into the pic as I am!

It was a really nice wedding, and as much as I wanted (and still do) this baby out, I know I would have been really sad if I hadn't been able to make it. Rowan did pretty good, but I think next time we would leave him at home :) Although I couldn't drink anyway so I probably would have just sat more if he wasn't there. I think all the chasing of him helped keep my blood sugar in check (I ate cake and it was still with in range!). We were all exhausted when we left around 10pm and thankfully Rowan fell asleep pretty quick in the car (we weren't sure how he'd sleep after all that sugar)!
I got lots of compliments on my dress, Mike even said someone told him they didn't realize I was pregnant until they saw me from the side- yeah right don't know if I believe that one!! I do think that mayeb I'll wear the dress all week when I'm just at home!

Friday, June 13, 2008

39 weeks and still pregnant

DO I look bigger? My profile pic is the same outfit from last week.

Today I am 39 weeks, I think I'm still a little confused about that might be tomorrow. I don't remember dwelling on the days so much when I was pregnant with Rowan. I think I knew I'd go over with him so I didn't pay much attention until my due date passed, but this time, it's all I can think about!! Tomorrow we are going to my cousin's wedding so that should help get my mind off this whole baby thing. I'm a little nervous about how Rowan will be at the wedding, we've never taken him anywhere where he is expected to be quiet. I suppose we will just sit in the back in case he needs to be escorted out. I was hoping to have had the baby by now, at least so I could try the different kinds of cake they will be having- MMMM!!!! I love cake!!! I'll probably be ok to have a tiny peice- oh joy!

Rowan in the grass w/ his big brother shirt.
A little while after I took these pics I picked up Rowan so I could take a pic of the two of us, he laid his head down on my shoulder and said "I'm so tired!" It was time to go in and get ready for bed so I said ok lets go to bed. He starts screaming and trying to run from me saying that he wasn't tired. He was just trying to not have his picture taken. We went in for bed anyway. I couldn't believe him, isn't he too young to be lying to get out of something?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Stuff

I have ben trying to teach myself to knit for the past year (well probably longer). When I got pregnant I imagined myself knitting the baby a blanket, a little hat, and some wool longies (for cloth diapering), but have only been able to master the square washclothe (well sometimes they are square). I have decided that sometime in the next year I WILL TAKE A KNITTING CLASS, I will make something other than a washclothe or scarf (essentially a giant long washclothe). So anyone want to take a class with me and learn to knit?! Come on anyone?!

I am able to sew basic items, and made these to use as burb cloths, they are not perfect by any means, but I think they turned out pretty well!Other people are much better at all this Martha Stuart stuff than me and we have recieved some lovely handmade gifts for the baby...
crocheted afghan made by my friend Tammy, it's so soft!!

A woman I worked with tye-dyed some onesies for us (my request). We did this for Rowan, but she buys the fancy dyes so they are really nice and won't fade like the ones we made with the dye from walmart.

The front one with the star is for the 4th of July, she made Rowan a matching shirt so they can match!

Mike's mom mad this gorgeous crazy quilt for the baby, it is crib size so he can use it on the bed.
I love it!! She made one for Rowan when he was born and he still sleeps with it, it's fun to look at all the different fabrics.

I think we have all the things we are going to need for the baby, at least for now. For some reason today I started thinking about a pack n' play. We never had one of these for Rowan and I never felt like we needed it, but now I'm wondering if we should have one for the baby. I'm thinking it probably wouldn't hurt to have another "safe" spot to put the baby when Rowan is around. I keep imagining that Rowan will be mean to the baby everytime we aren't looking! I suppose it would work to just put him in the crib, so it probably isn't necessary. I guess we'll just wait and see if we need it.