Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping

It may not sound very exciting, but we woke up early (thanks Rowan!) and headed to the local Amish area to check out the deals at the salvage grocery store. We like to go there every once and a while we can really stock up and not spend nearly as much as we would at the grocery store. We thought we should get a bunch of stuff for easy meals for the next few weeks since we will probably be busy. We got a bunch of stuff to freeze that is precooked so they will make quick dinners. STocked up on fruit- we can't get enough fresh fruit lately!!

As we were walking through the cookie aisle, getting Rowan the usual animal cookies. I suddenly remembered that this baby will be out in 2 days!!! Two days, that means in two days I will no longer have gestational diabetes. My meals (and life) will not longer revolve around how many grams of carbs or sugar there are in everything I eat. I will not have to poke my finger 4x's a day to check my blood sugar, I will not have to "pee on a stick" every morning to see if there are keytones in my urine.

So today at the store instead of drooling at all the stuff I can't have I bought it!! I bought pudding mixes, a brownie mix, a cake mix and... my favorite
a package of......and I may just eat them all myself!!


Mommy Schiff said...

Congrats on Oreos! I could eat a whole package too =)

Oh yeah, and congrats on having a baby in two days!!!!

So exciting!!

Anonymous said...

haha i cant believe you bought all that food!!! lol...that is so funny but you deserve it!

Lavender Lemonade said...

Make the brownies and take them with you to the hospital...nothing will ever taste so good as a brownie after childbirth. :)

~rachel~ said...

LL- nothing better than a brownie- except maybe a pan of brownies!! Now that sounds good!!