Wednesday, June 11, 2008

38 week Appointment

I had to start with a non stress test (love the "high" risk pregnancy procedures). Mike and I went shopping this morning and the baby moved constantly all morning, I kept telling him to stop and save it for the test. They told me the week before that if he was in a sleepy period and they didn't get to see heart rate changes that I would probably end up having another sonogram. Of course as soon as we got in there he wasn't moving, I drank some ice water and pushed around on him a little and he started moving, so they got what they wanted. His heart rate was good usually around 130's but would jump up past 180 when he was moving! It sounded a little freaky when it would jump up like crazy.

I saw the same midwife I saw last time and think she is definetly my favorite. She had a student with her and the student was going to check me, but said my cervix was too high, and she didn't want to risk me kicking her in the face to check!! She made me laugh at least, although I was hoping for better news!

I bought a dress today for my cousin's wedding this weekend. I really didn't realize how big I was until I was standing in a dressing room surrounded by mirrors in a tight dress!! WOW!! I did find one that was cute and only $20. I bought one for $40 at another store but took it back aftre finding this one, I really didn't want to pay much for something I know I will wear once! Maybe I'll wear it when I go to the hospital to have the baby, yeah that sounds fun!

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