Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Proper Blog Etiquette

Did I spell that right? My brain thinks every word looks wrong to me now.

Right before my computer died I organized my favorites, which included all the blogs I like to read often or occassionally. I am such a lurker and have rarely ever commented on these blogs. Now that i am using my mom's computer I'd rather not save everything I'm finding in her favorites, since I'll probably forget them all when we get ours fixed. So I'm wondering.... can I link these blogs on mine? Do I comment on people's blogs that I want to link on? Is it rude to link it without commenting? I feel like there is just so much to this whole blog world that I know nothing about, is there a secret page somewhere with all the blogging "rules" that I don't know about?


Quigs78 said...

I'm totally new to the blogosphere, too, so I can't really help you on that...but I'm learning to be less of a lurker and I'm trying to make more comments. But now I have a dozen blogs to read every day! ;)

Looseyfur said...

Etiquette, schmetiquette. I go an visit other people's blogs, and if I have something to say, I leave a comment. But if I don't, I read and stay in touch and then carry on. :-) And I'm pretty new to the whole thing too.

Lavender Lemonade said...

I say lurk and link anyway you like. :)