Saturday, May 31, 2008

I think it's time................. cut his hair. Although it looks pretty tame in this picture (this is my mom's computer so I don't have many pics on here). This morning he was outside playing and his hair kept blowing in his eyes, usually he has his favorite hat on but we left it at daycare so it was just wild hair. The warmer it got the wetter his hair got from sweat. Although he siad he wasn't I'm sure he was getting hot. As much as I love his hair I just can't see making him suffer in the heat all because I'm not ready to part with the curls. I mean it will grow back, right? Right?? I was thinking of waiting until his 3rd birthday, but that is the middle of July and then he'd have to put up with it for half the summer, so I don't think that will work. I am getting my hair done tomorrow so maybe we will just get his cut, please remind me it will grow back! Right? What if the curls don't come back, can that happen? Maybe I'm not ready for this!

Today we missed Lightning McColin's (can I steal that?) birthday party,because Rowan ended up getting sick. He was not very happy about missing the party and told me all night that he wanted to go. He spent most of the afternoon/evening trying to lay on me, not an easy task with this belly!! He was very whiney all night, and I had to keep reminding myself that he doesn't feel goo. He's been doing this whiney voice lately and that with my 9 month pregnant nerves don't mix well!! I hope that doesn't make me sound like too much of a bad mother!

Well I will update with pictures if we decide on his haircut, I plugged in the camera already just in case!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Appointment and Belly shots

36 week belly

Comparing tummies- he was totally sucking in!

Blogger won't let me upload anymore pics and I had some really cute ones of Rowan, oh well!

We saw the Dr. today and had a sonogram. We didn't get any pics of the baby, since he is so big (cause of how far along I am, not cause he is huge!) she had a hard time getting measurements on him and could hardly see anything, couldn't even get a good view of his face- which was facing my back. He is just really cramped in there, so anytime he wants some more room he can come on out! His feet were planted nicely under my ribs- something I already knew! The estimate for his size was 7lbs 4 oz, but she said they can be more than a pound off at this stage, so I guess that really doesn't mean much.

The Dr. said my blood sugars looked "stellar." This is the same woman who looked at my nembers last time and said they were going up and maybe we'd start insulin soon!! My numbers have stayed pretty much the same over the past few months, I wanted to laugh when she said it! I am fairly certain now that I will not be needing insulin, and hopefully soon this baby will come out and I won't have to poke my finger 4x's a day anymore!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Ramblings...

Today we took our class to the Indy Zoo, it was fun but a LONG day. I am now exhausted.

My ticker says 29 days, of course I know that date doesn't really mean anything, but it is quite amazing to think that we could have this baby anyday now!!

Today is my sister's 20th birthday. We went to Monicals last night and had cupcakes after dinner. I forced Rowan to sing Happy Birthday to her before he could have his cupcake (ok before his 2nd cupcake) it was really cute, and he loved all the sugar! I ate way more pizza than I should have and then ate 3/4 of a cupcake. They looked so good and were my favorite kind- from a mix, w/ canned icing. My mom likes to bake from scratch, but we (her children) have always preferred the mixes so that's what we request for our b-days.

I was expecting to get a headache after the meal as my blood sugar skyrocketed from all the carbs and sugar, but amazingly I felt fine!! Of course when I tested it later it was higher than it should have been, but I felt good. I don't know if this was the best thing, though, cause I feel like I am starting to really slack off on my diet. I am so tired of watching what I eat all the time. I started the gestational diabetes diet and testing at 11 weeks, I am now 36 weeks. That is 25 weeks of essentially dieting- while pregnant!!! I really don't think I could diet that long while not pregnant. I'm sure that it will effect how I eat after the pregnancy, especially knowing that my risk will be higher to get diabetes later on in life, but I really don't think I will never eat all these foods again. Well I know I will eat it all again, I would especially like a big pop- coke, or a Dr.Pepper from Mc.D's MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Help please

Ok I am going to assume someone (Dana :)) will read this and help me out, cause I am way too lazy to try and figure it out for myself! Can you tell me how to link to other blogs on the side of mine? I think this would make it easier for me to read others.

35 weeks

Well time seems to have basically stopped! We have 2 weeks left of school and every day drags on and on. I am getting more and more uncomfortable everyday. I have what I assume to be restless leg syndrome every night when I go to bed- this is awful, and I feel so bad for people who have it all the time, not just related to pregnancy. My skin itches like crazy, something I didn't even know happens during pregnancy, but I googled it and thats what its from. I have pains all the time which I can only hope means I'm dialting, thinning or something else related to this baby hopefully coming out sometime soon! I also think I'm having braxton- hicks contractions. I never had them with Rowan so am not totally for sure, but they just feel like mild period cramps. Not to mention the constant pressure on my bladder, and if that wasn't bad enough apparently diabetes also makes you have to pee more often, so most of my tiime is spent in the bathroom. I swear that's all I do at work!

Did that sound whiney?

On a more positive note:
Rowan is usually pretty sweet to me and gives me kisses to help me feel better, of course I tell him it works. I have almost all of the baby clothes washed and some put away, but still have so much to do. Tonight I made a couple of burp rags, all by myself w/ a little help from my sewing machine! They are very cute, but not perfect at all. I have problems with the whole measuring thing, and sewing straight lines, but it is just for spit up, so I guess it doesn't matter!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I saw Matt Damon!!!

Today we went to Mike's Grandma's in Moweaqua for Mother's Day. She lives right next door to a little restaurant where they are filming for the movie The Informant, they were supposed to be filming there tomorrow, but decided to come today because of the weather. I had heard they were filming in the lovely Decatur area, but completely forgot that they would be in Moweaqua. When we got there at noon they had a coouple of huge trucks parked in front of her house and more people and trucks showed up later and they were all busy getting everything set up. So we sat out on the front porch waiting and waiting for him to show up.
Of course he was the last to arrive, Scott Bakula walked by but I missed him (I'm very upset about that!). Finally Matt showed up in a dark red Tahoe- everyone else showed up in huge white vans, guess he must be more famous! There weren't that many people there at first since they weren't supposed to film till MOnday, but word spread quickly- it is a small town- and more people showed up while he was in the restaurant.
Matt's security guard then came over and announced that Matt would be coming out and he would meet people and take some pics but then they were going to eat. HIs wife was even there at the end with their daughter. When he finally came out there were a loty more people there so of course I didn't get to meet him but did get to see him pretty close up- I don't think he will be that good looking in this movie!! I was hoping he would come to my side since I'm pregnant and so is his wife, but no such luck- oh well!! We got some pics but only on the camera phone so you really can't see anything- remember to always keep a real camera with you, you never know who you might see even in Moweaqua!!
He only talked to people for about 2 minutes and then left, within 5mins. they had everything packed up and the trucks were gone- it was like nothing happened. It was still pretty exciting though!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

34 weeks and new snacks

We had our 34 week appointment Thursday, we saw a midwife we hadn't met yet and didn't really care for her, she is now on the bottom of my list of who I hope I get for delivery. She mentioned that the Dr. will have the final say on when or if I'll be induced!? Whatever! My blood sugars are still good and everyone- except for the DR. seems to agree that they are NOT going up.
I've been craving sweet stuff more and more, and getting burnt out on my plain yogurt w/ fruit and light chocolate syrup. I decided to check out the snack aisle at the store and discovered the wonderful little 100 calorie packs!! I don't know why I never looked at these things before, they are perfect usually a little more than 1 serving of carbs and 10-15grams of sugar- just the amount I can eat without feeling sick!! And they don't have any artificial sweeteners- which I can not stand the taste of! I really like the Lorna Doons, and the mini chocolate hostess cupcakes!!

My Computer is Dead!!

Hopefully it can be fixed, but for some reason it won't start up right at all. I borrowedmy mom's laptop today, since I was having serious internet withdraws- after a whole day and a half!!! It's quite sad that I can't go 2 days w/o getting online, but I was sick yesterday so couldn't even get on at work. Mike of course thinks we need to get the laptop fixed, but I think it would be a good time to get the Macbook we've wanted to get! Maybe the best time for an investment like that is not right before we have a new baby, and I quit my job? Oh well, we will live as long as we can get online.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I Want Cake!!

This Cake

But of course I can not eat it, so instead Mike made me

Sticky Rice w/ Mango, still pretty good and at least I can FEEL like I'm getting a treat!!!! Since I don't eat hardly anything with sugar now, and even when I do take a tiny bite of something I usually start to feel like crap soon after. I wonder if I'll even be able to tolerate it after the baby's born- maybe I'll have to slowly wean myself back on sugar. I am hoping the baby will be born before my birthday so I can eat cake!!