Monday, May 19, 2008

Help please

Ok I am going to assume someone (Dana :)) will read this and help me out, cause I am way too lazy to try and figure it out for myself! Can you tell me how to link to other blogs on the side of mine? I think this would make it easier for me to read others.


Looseyfur said...

Sure! When I'm signed into my blog, there's a bunch of links in the upper-right corner. One of them says "customize" (let me know if you don't see them). If you hit the customize button, you'll see some rectangles that represent the set up of your web page. One of them says, "Add a Page Element." Hit that button and a list will show up. You want "Link List." You'll still have to cut and paste the URLs in and provide the names of the sites, but other than that you're ready to go.

~rachel~ said...

thank you, I know I've seen customize so will play around with it!!