Saturday, May 10, 2008

34 weeks and new snacks

We had our 34 week appointment Thursday, we saw a midwife we hadn't met yet and didn't really care for her, she is now on the bottom of my list of who I hope I get for delivery. She mentioned that the Dr. will have the final say on when or if I'll be induced!? Whatever! My blood sugars are still good and everyone- except for the DR. seems to agree that they are NOT going up.
I've been craving sweet stuff more and more, and getting burnt out on my plain yogurt w/ fruit and light chocolate syrup. I decided to check out the snack aisle at the store and discovered the wonderful little 100 calorie packs!! I don't know why I never looked at these things before, they are perfect usually a little more than 1 serving of carbs and 10-15grams of sugar- just the amount I can eat without feeling sick!! And they don't have any artificial sweeteners- which I can not stand the taste of! I really like the Lorna Doons, and the mini chocolate hostess cupcakes!!


libbygirl said...

Yeah for diet snacks! No, I don't have a blog yet. It's on my to do list. Maybe when I have all my time off during maternity leave.

libbygirl said...

Yeah for "healthy" snacks! No, no blog for us yet but it is no my to do list. Maybe when I have all that free time during maternity leave I can start one up.

~rachel~ said...

you left the same comment 3 times- silly :) You will need one by then so you can post lots of baby pics!!

Mommy Schiff said...

This is Amy from C.A.R.E. HI!

Are you going to Carle or Provena? Cause I had the midwives at Carle and there was one I really didn't like! She made me cry ;-(