Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Ramblings...

Today we took our class to the Indy Zoo, it was fun but a LONG day. I am now exhausted.

My ticker says 29 days, of course I know that date doesn't really mean anything, but it is quite amazing to think that we could have this baby anyday now!!

Today is my sister's 20th birthday. We went to Monicals last night and had cupcakes after dinner. I forced Rowan to sing Happy Birthday to her before he could have his cupcake (ok before his 2nd cupcake) it was really cute, and he loved all the sugar! I ate way more pizza than I should have and then ate 3/4 of a cupcake. They looked so good and were my favorite kind- from a mix, w/ canned icing. My mom likes to bake from scratch, but we (her children) have always preferred the mixes so that's what we request for our b-days.

I was expecting to get a headache after the meal as my blood sugar skyrocketed from all the carbs and sugar, but amazingly I felt fine!! Of course when I tested it later it was higher than it should have been, but I felt good. I don't know if this was the best thing, though, cause I feel like I am starting to really slack off on my diet. I am so tired of watching what I eat all the time. I started the gestational diabetes diet and testing at 11 weeks, I am now 36 weeks. That is 25 weeks of essentially dieting- while pregnant!!! I really don't think I could diet that long while not pregnant. I'm sure that it will effect how I eat after the pregnancy, especially knowing that my risk will be higher to get diabetes later on in life, but I really don't think I will never eat all these foods again. Well I know I will eat it all again, I would especially like a big pop- coke, or a Dr.Pepper from Mc.D's MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!



Looseyfur said...

Hey girl, where are you giving birth? Cause if you e-mail me when you deliver, I'll bring you a LARGE, FAT Dr Pepper no problem!

libbygirl said...

How was the Zoo? Is it worth the trip?

Anonymous said...

Thanks rach!! i havent read your blog for a few weeks, i dont know why but there were alot i missed!!! oh and wait tillyou see what brandon gave me... :)


~rachel~ said...

looseyfur- I'll be at Carle. I really don't know if I should jump back in to the whole sugar thing w/ a huge Dr. Pepper (no matter how much I want to!!) I think I will have to slowly wean myself back on the sugar, so I don't make myself sick! I told Mike he'll have to watch me and make sure I don't go crazy w/ the sweets and start gaining weight.