Monday, May 26, 2008

Appointment and Belly shots

36 week belly

Comparing tummies- he was totally sucking in!

Blogger won't let me upload anymore pics and I had some really cute ones of Rowan, oh well!

We saw the Dr. today and had a sonogram. We didn't get any pics of the baby, since he is so big (cause of how far along I am, not cause he is huge!) she had a hard time getting measurements on him and could hardly see anything, couldn't even get a good view of his face- which was facing my back. He is just really cramped in there, so anytime he wants some more room he can come on out! His feet were planted nicely under my ribs- something I already knew! The estimate for his size was 7lbs 4 oz, but she said they can be more than a pound off at this stage, so I guess that really doesn't mean much.

The Dr. said my blood sugars looked "stellar." This is the same woman who looked at my nembers last time and said they were going up and maybe we'd start insulin soon!! My numbers have stayed pretty much the same over the past few months, I wanted to laugh when she said it! I am fairly certain now that I will not be needing insulin, and hopefully soon this baby will come out and I won't have to poke my finger 4x's a day anymore!


libbygirl said...

I think you (and Rowan) look great and glad to hear the Dr. finally came to her senses about the numbers. Aren't you about done with school? Then you can sit around all day with your feet up and just wait for the baby to come.

~rachel~ said...

thank you! We are done tomorrow- report card day. so it'll be quick. then i need to get my house organized and cleaned up, but hopefully i can at least nap daily!! :)