Monday, May 19, 2008

35 weeks

Well time seems to have basically stopped! We have 2 weeks left of school and every day drags on and on. I am getting more and more uncomfortable everyday. I have what I assume to be restless leg syndrome every night when I go to bed- this is awful, and I feel so bad for people who have it all the time, not just related to pregnancy. My skin itches like crazy, something I didn't even know happens during pregnancy, but I googled it and thats what its from. I have pains all the time which I can only hope means I'm dialting, thinning or something else related to this baby hopefully coming out sometime soon! I also think I'm having braxton- hicks contractions. I never had them with Rowan so am not totally for sure, but they just feel like mild period cramps. Not to mention the constant pressure on my bladder, and if that wasn't bad enough apparently diabetes also makes you have to pee more often, so most of my tiime is spent in the bathroom. I swear that's all I do at work!

Did that sound whiney?

On a more positive note:
Rowan is usually pretty sweet to me and gives me kisses to help me feel better, of course I tell him it works. I have almost all of the baby clothes washed and some put away, but still have so much to do. Tonight I made a couple of burp rags, all by myself w/ a little help from my sewing machine! They are very cute, but not perfect at all. I have problems with the whole measuring thing, and sewing straight lines, but it is just for spit up, so I guess it doesn't matter!


Mommy Schiff said...

Thanks for posting this and making me remember why I never want to be pregnant again! Just kidding! I had all those things though, RLS, getting up to pee 100 times a night and then being super tired the next day :( I'm sorry you're having such a rough time! The midwife you're talking about IS the same one that made me cry with the initials JB. I really liked Jeri Lake though and I told her about how badly I was treated and she suggested that I complain since this wasn't the first time she had heard of her being mean. But I didn't. I was too tired to take care of my 2 year old at the time let alone compose a nasty letter. But that is an option =)

libbygirl said...

Just think of what you have to look forward to once the baby comes out. Have you already started training Rowan where the diapers, ect are? I am going to totally put Colin to work once the baby is born :)

~rachel~ said...

libbygirl- I would probably have to put stuff in its nplace before I train Rowan, cause now it's just all on the floor in our room or the crib!
I think that Rowan has gotten tired of waiting for this baby, he has named his doll Eli- he sleeps w/ him and carries him around at home constantly, we have to wrap him in a blanket and he wears a diaper. I think he just decided we were lying about the whole baby thing so he made his own brother! It is cute though.