Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Months!

Silas turned 5 months yesterday! How is that even possible?!

This boy is so loved!

He's almost sitting up by himself. He'll do it for a few minutes before falling over.

He loves sitting up at the table in his highchair when we eat! He's noticing our food a lot but we're still holding out a bit for solids. I've been looking into baby-led weaning, it really interests me and also kind of freaks me out since I tend to be over paranoid about choking.. We'll see!

He's usually pretty happy. He usually takes one good nap a day. It takes him a while to fall asleep in the car. He wasn't weighed at the doctors this month but I think he's around 22lbs, which means he's out grown his infant seat! He's now riding (rear-facing of course) in Eli's old convertible seat. I was just happy it fits 3 across in our car.

He blows raspberries a lot, I think I see a tooth under the top gums, he LOVES hanging out in the excersaucer!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another long week! Although I guess it's not technically over yet. ...

Rowan came home from school Tuesday ( after his rejection- :( see last post) and said he had a headache. He's said that maybe once in his life so I knew something was up. He had a fever and thought he might throw up. He wanted me near him so I slept on one couch with Silas ( the smaller one since Rowan was already on the big one- not comfy) with Rowan on the other. He dozed and finally got sick around midnight. Luckily he knew it and was actually half sleeping with his face in the trashcan! I so wanted to take a pic ;)
Of course he felt fine the next morning but I said he had to stay home. He was not happy!

He got to go with us to get Silas's 5 month shots ( 5 months today!!!) and then to Walmart to get our tires rotated. [Side note- they couldn't rotate them because of the extreme wear on one of our NOT THAT OLD tires! Seriously we were pretty mad because a few weeks ago our lugnuts(?) on that tire were randomly loose... Think something happened last time we had work done. This car is falling apart and has so many things it needs done. So frustrating! We keep waiting for the minivan fairy/god/stork?? To bring us one... She seems to be lost. ]

We liked this! Didn't know these existed!

Anyway. So we spent an hour and a half at Walmart for them to do nothing and we couldn't do our other errands cause we had to get Eli from the bus.
Before supper Rowan fell asleep on the couch and when he woke up his fever was back. I was pretty sure it was strep then :( mike took him to convent care Wednesday morning and I was right! It's crazy that when I have it I'm pretty sure ill die and Rowan is running around mostly acting normal...
So now it's pretty much a waiting game to see if someone else will get it. It'll probably be me and probably after Mike goes back to work next week :/

We decided to still go to mikes grandmas today since Rowan was on antibiotics for 24hrs. But he had strict orders to not get to close and only drink out of his water bottle. Hopefully no one gets it. They have 2nd cousins their age and Rowan and Eli always have a great time playing with them.

Looking at himself :)
Eli has been asking a lot of questions about my grandparents lately. They died when Rowan was a baby and Eli is really sad about it :(. He actually asked if we could go to the cemetery today! First we went to where mikes grandpa is buried and then mine.

It's sometimes hard to talk about with him since I miss them so much myself. He also wants answers to things I can't always answer....

Monday, November 19, 2012


It sucks! I don't think it will ever get easier for me to feel rejected and it kills me when my kids feel it.

Rowan has had a few issues with " friends" this year. I don't know how innocent he is in it all since I'm not there, but I do know that he gets his feelings hurt pretty bad. He has trouble accepting that not everyone is his friend and thinks if someone is nice one day ( even though they might usually be mean) they are his friends :(. It's hard to convince him otherwise. I try to remind him about all the kids that are always nice to him but he focuses on the others.
This weekend he started talking about a 1st grade girl on his bus who is one if his best friends. He wanted to make her a card!!

I thought that was so sweet! He put it in an envelope and put her name on it. When he got home he looked so sad. He said she didn't want it. What?!? I don't know if he didn't make it clear that he made her a card, I don't know if what she thought was in the envelope but my heart was breaking for him. He had tears in his eyes when he told us and I'm pretty sure I did too!

I want to say mean things about the kids that Hurt him but of course that would be wrong. I just don't get it. I'm sure he has or will at some point do something that'll hurt someone else but how can kids ( and adults!) be so hurtful?!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Finally Friday!

Some weeks seem to drag and drag! This one did, I'm not sure why, maybe because I didn't leave the house?? Mike is taking all next week off and I am so excited! We're going to do fun things like take Silas to get some shots and get the tires on the cars rotated! Sometimes I can't handle all the excitement around here ;)

Eli's preschool class has been studying trees and they asked for family volunteers to come in and talk about trees. I volunteered Mike to talk about making maple syrup so he did that today. He took a log and drilled a hole for the tap and made a hole on the top so he could pour water in it to show the kids how the sap comes out.

He said it went great and the kids liked it! They got to have pancakes and syrup for snack too ( probably imitation syrup but I told him he didn't need to get into all of that ;)). I love that he wanted to go do that! He said Eli was so good .... It still amazes me how he can be a completely different kid at school!

Tonight we will watch another Star Wars ( 3or 4 can't remember what we're on) and eat Papa Johns! It's turning into our Friday night ritual and we all really enjoy it especially with the early subset and colder weather..

Now if only the rest of the weekend could be as peaceful!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


The boys fought all morning yesterday. I had to force them outside even though it was 70!! I'm already dreading winter :(
We decided to head to homer lake for a hike and some play at the playscape!

It was Silas's first time in the Ergo and first time on a hike. He was out pretty quick!

The boys were so good in the woods. Why can't they be like that at home?...

The playscape is always a blast! Since they have the water pump off they were forced to explore the rest of the park for once!

Mike chased Rowan around on the spiderweb and then they both fell down!

Eli refused to be part of my shadow picture!

It was a lot of fun, but the fighting started as soon as we got back in the car! And then the rude disrespectful back talking from the big one! So frustrating!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Rowan really wanted to go with me to vote yesterday so I waited till after school to take all 3 boys with me. I want them to see the process and be interested so even though it would've been easier to go alone or just with Silas I waited :)

Of course we vote in our tiny town so it's not much of a hassle. I might rethink it if I had to wait a long time! I was the 119th person to vote there! That's pretty good for here and I saw today that 163 voted there!
Our neighbor was an election judge and he gave the boys candy while I voted. One of the old women held Silas. Sometimes I love my small town living! ;)

Rowan was so upset after school because in their school mock election the person he voted for lost. He even cried about it! I assured him the school votes would not actually be counted and Rowan's pick ended up winning! He was quite pleased to hear that this morning :)

He was telling me things his friends were telling him about the President. Ridiculous stuff. It amazes me that parents say such hateful things about the candidate they don't like to their kids. Would they say those things about other people to their kids??? It's awful. We really don't talk about politics much in our house, but when we do we talk about what we believe and that everyone has different beliefs... I can't stand all the gate talk especially to kids! Hopefully Rowan won't grow up so hateful... Hopefully we do something right!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roll Over!

Silas rolled over for the first time today! He was on his tummy and I went to start his bath water. I checked on him when I walked to his room to get clothes, he was on his side and I thought- I bet he's going to roll over- when I came back he was on his back!

The boys have been so excited waiting for this to happen so I couldn't wait to tell them! Eli was so excited but when we told Rowan he was so upset. He actually started crying and couldn't believe he missed it and I didn't get a picture or video! :(

Luckily, tonight he rolled over again and we all got to see it! Next time Silas hits a milestone I think I'll just not mention it to them so they can see it for themselves ;)

Happy Halloween!

-- we got our furnace fixed last night before we left to t-o-t! So nice to be warm again! :)--

Last year we were all with it and made homemade costumes! This year we went to Walmart the weekend before Halloween.

Eli's school doesn't let the kids dress up but Rowan's school has a parade through the small town! I love this!!

Mike took a half day so he could go to the parade too. After the parade we stopped at the cupcake shop for coffee and a treat :)

Mmmmm cookies n cream! Eli got a cake pop and we say outside and ate before going to the school for the end of Rowan's party.

Since we slacked on carving pumpkins this year I thought it would be fun for the kids to paint them! So we did that after school.

Eli did three pumpkins! Rowan painted his big one and even wiped it off several times because he didn't like it.... Perfectionism at its finest!

Rowan picked Dart Vader for his costume. Since he'd never seen any Star Wars movies we rented one last weekend so he'd know where the costume was from.

Eli chose a Devil Skeleton!

Silas got to be a tiger! It barely fit him and the hood was way to small! He was still cute :)

We trick-or-treat in the town my mom lives in and they had fun as usual! My moms neighbor made up a bag of candy and other stuff for them. She also gave them each a pear. When we got in the car to leave they wanted to eat candy and Rowan asked if he could eat his pear!! :)