Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roll Over!

Silas rolled over for the first time today! He was on his tummy and I went to start his bath water. I checked on him when I walked to his room to get clothes, he was on his side and I thought- I bet he's going to roll over- when I came back he was on his back!

The boys have been so excited waiting for this to happen so I couldn't wait to tell them! Eli was so excited but when we told Rowan he was so upset. He actually started crying and couldn't believe he missed it and I didn't get a picture or video! :(

Luckily, tonight he rolled over again and we all got to see it! Next time Silas hits a milestone I think I'll just not mention it to them so they can see it for themselves ;)

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Anonymous said...

hahah, oh Rowan! Just have your camera ready at all times from now on! :)-Abby