Sunday, November 11, 2012


The boys fought all morning yesterday. I had to force them outside even though it was 70!! I'm already dreading winter :(
We decided to head to homer lake for a hike and some play at the playscape!

It was Silas's first time in the Ergo and first time on a hike. He was out pretty quick!

The boys were so good in the woods. Why can't they be like that at home?...

The playscape is always a blast! Since they have the water pump off they were forced to explore the rest of the park for once!

Mike chased Rowan around on the spiderweb and then they both fell down!

Eli refused to be part of my shadow picture!

It was a lot of fun, but the fighting started as soon as we got back in the car! And then the rude disrespectful back talking from the big one! So frustrating!!

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heather at wordplayhouse® said...

So, you too have found the cure for sibling unrest—heading outside! It works here too. Wishing the fighting hadn't started back up for you there afterwards, but glad to see it got you a break and enjoyment of the beautiful day you have shared here! ~heather