Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Months!

Silas turned 5 months yesterday! How is that even possible?!

This boy is so loved!

He's almost sitting up by himself. He'll do it for a few minutes before falling over.

He loves sitting up at the table in his highchair when we eat! He's noticing our food a lot but we're still holding out a bit for solids. I've been looking into baby-led weaning, it really interests me and also kind of freaks me out since I tend to be over paranoid about choking.. We'll see!

He's usually pretty happy. He usually takes one good nap a day. It takes him a while to fall asleep in the car. He wasn't weighed at the doctors this month but I think he's around 22lbs, which means he's out grown his infant seat! He's now riding (rear-facing of course) in Eli's old convertible seat. I was just happy it fits 3 across in our car.

He blows raspberries a lot, I think I see a tooth under the top gums, he LOVES hanging out in the excersaucer!

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