Monday, December 3, 2012

Good Morning!

Eli is not a morning person ( that's a huge understatement!) he whines and sits by his clothes doing nothing. He stares at his food not eating, he claims everything is too hard. Mornings are not fun at our house. There's usually a lot of yelling....

But today Eli was great! I didn't have to repeatedly tell him to do anything. I didn't have to threaten to dress him myself! He did it all and quickly! :) lets hope he keeps this up!

This weekend was pretty good. Not as many of the usual weekend meltdowns.

Early morning loud wrestling..

I imagine that at houses with only girls everyone sits around quietly reading books.... Don't tell me if I'm wrong ;)

We took the boys to a park yesterday and Rowan wanted to play baseball so they did. Silas finally fell asleep in the car so I sat in the car. He outgrew his 22lb weight limit infant seat so now he's in the convertible seat. It is such a pain and everyday I wish we could go buy one :(
Rowan can't even buckle himself anymore because of how the seats fit together. So mike or I have to do it and its still really hard. Kind of wish he was still in a harnessed seat!

I know eventually we'll be able to get a minivan but its frustrating. The ones I know for sure we could afford have such high mileage. We need something we won't have to keep putting money into.... Like our current car. Luckily it's been nice so the sometimes working heat hasn't really been an issue. I try not to leave the house too much. That's fun ;)

I've been obsessively looking at local real estate lately. I don't know why. Even if our house sells the plan is to move to town and rent but I still like to look. There's a house with 7 (7!) acres in town. Right in the middle of champaign! Well not the middle, but still! How awesome would that be?! Of course it's like $450,000 so nothing we could afford but still pretty neat...I think I'm just feeling a little stuck ( or something) right now...

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