Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a week!                                               My mom got these for the boys for Christmas!

Last Saturday (the 22nd) was my family's Christmas get together at my cousin's house.  Of course I didn't take any pictures....I did a hot cocoa bar for the kids like I did last year! They love it and I think it's so fun!
that morning during Silas's 6 months pics!
Christmas Eve we went to Mike's parents house for lunch.  No pictures of course :) The kids had fun and got some nice presents and we headed home to get ready for Santa to come! ELi fell asleep before we got home about 5:30pm and stayed asleep when we got in.  I woke him up about 8pm and put some Christmas pj's on him cause I wanted him to look cute in the morning (priorities!) He stayed awake for a few minutes and picked a cookie for Santa and even let me get a picture of all 3 of them!
                                                                         can you tell Eli just woke up? :)



Mike won "The World's Largest Stocking" from a local hardware store!  It was full of random toys.  I wanted to wait until after Christmas to give it to the boys so it wouldn't overshadow the presents we actually bought for the boys but Mike really wanted it to be part of Christmas morning so we put it out.  We did wait to open it up though.  We haven't even opened most of the toys in there and will probably donate a lot of them.  Their favorite is a Zhu Zhu pet! Geez that thing is annoying;)
Of course they liked the presents we actually got and Silas had a lot of fun trying to unwrap presents.  He only got a few- 2 new toys and some dishes for when he starts eating, but it was still a lot of fun!

                                                           Eli is in that fake smile stage...

                                                             STill can't get over his eyes! :)

                                                  This game has caused so many problems I'm starting to hate it! I've discovered we are not a game family!
My mom and sister came over late morning (after we ate homemade sourdough coffee cake!) and we opened presents and ate a late lnch together.

We spent the rest of the week just hanging out at home mostly- Mike took the week off.  Rowan and Eli spent a night at my moms, Mike and I ran to Arthur one morning, Rowan went to a friends house for dinner one night...Saturday Mike's parents came for lunch because his brother and his wife were visiting from Texas. They stayed the night here so we could all hang out.  I made sugar cookie's the day before so I whipped up some icing and we all decorated them! We didn't get many cookies made this year due to Eli being sick but the boys (and Mike!) love decorating cookies so I knew we'd still have to do it.
Sunday Mike's brother and wife left around lunch time to head back to his parent's house.  Before they left some other friends who live in PA stopped for a short visit.  They have a little boy a few months younger than Eli and they have a blast together! They ate lunch with us and the kidsplayed for a few hours before they had to head back.  It was a lot of fun to see everyone, but We felt like we'd been entertaining non-stop for a week- well Mike did he really does all the cooking when we have people over! So it was nice to just sit and relax last night and today!

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