Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Singing and Snowflakes

Rowan's schools Christmas concert was today! The zoom on my real camera broke so I took this pic with my phone. It was really good! Mike got off early to go and my mom met us there as well.

I really like our school. I know not everything is the way I'd like it but I'm pretty happy right now with it.
I feel like we are finally getting to know people in the community too. Even Eli saw several friends from preschool and we sat by his bus driver!

We came home and had hot cocoa and made snowflakes to hang up!

Mike hates it when I want to do this kind of stuff but he probably spent more time than the rest of us ;)

Eli got a little crazy with the glitter glue so his will probably need a few days to dry!

Silas was pretty in to it to!

After we were done Rowan randomly threw up... Not sure why. But hoping it was a one time thing. No fever and he was acting fine. I still sent him to bed early though. Oh and now I don't quite feel right :/ really hoping I don't get sick!

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