Saturday, December 15, 2012

'Tis the Season....

....For everyone to be sick?
                                                            picture not from today

Rowan was home from school on Thursday because he'd been up getting sick all night.  Of course he was fine all day Thursday.  Eli was really quiet when he got off the bus Friday- too quiet! As soon as we got inside he laid down on the couch ( well, after eating a piece of the candy his bus driver gave him).  I felt his head and knew he had a fever :( Since Rowan had been throwing up I was sure that's what Eli had. I limited his food the rest of the afternoon just in case, he didn't care anyway.  He dozed a little and got to watch cartoons. He ate a giant bowl of applesauce for dinner and then fell asleep for several hours.  Of course he woke up at10pm full of energy ;/  His fever was down and I was hoping he was on the mend.  He finally went to sleep before midnight and woke up at 5am thirsty with his fever back up.
                                               they both have big beautiful eyes!

All day today his fever has gone up and down.  It's gotten scary high! And he's had a few baths- he did not like that! and has had some medicine.  I've heard this fever thing is going around so I'm not too worried but he hasn't had a fever in forever.  Rowan used to get these high fevers when he was 1-2yrs but it was a lot easier to deal with when I only had one child to take care! He's resting again and fever was back down.  He's been eating a little and will drink everytime I tell him to- good thing because I really don't want him to get dehydrated...

Now we just try to keep Silas from getting sick!

I've been trying to start making Christmas cookies but everytime I plan it someone gets sick!  I'm starting to feel like we'll never get ready for Christmas!

Now Rowan is laying in bed (at 6pm) claiming he "watched too much tv today" Oh my! Will it ever end?

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