Monday, December 3, 2012

Spring in December

The high today was supposed to be 70. 70!! It's December 3rd!! I thought we should do something to enjoy the weather since it could be the last nice day. After Eli got home we decided to go to Homer Lake Nature Playscape. Eli had wanted to go the other day and we didn't so I knew he'd be excited!

We had such a good time. We were the only people there and Eli loved it!

Silas was mostly dozing in the stroller after a morning of no nap.

We love this park. It really is a lot of fun!

We picked Rowan up at school and decided to go back to the same park with some friends!
After playing for an hour it was starting to get a little cooler and the sun was setting so we headed in town.

I had packed some sandwiches for supper and the boys ate in the car. We picked Mike up and went to Culvers for ice cream! Yeah for leftover ice cream coupons!

They always want to get waffle cones and we never do because they are so big. We decided to get them today since it was basically their dinner ;) and maybe the last warm day of the year! They made such a mess with those cones but they did enjoy them :)

It was also Silas's first time to sit in a highchair at a restaurant! He's not quite ready for it so we'll avoid it until he can sit up better but he enjoyed it!

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Anonymous said...

:) I'm glad Eli had a good day! And hooray for waffle cones!