Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day!

The boys are off school for another snow day! Technically it's for the extreme windchills of -25 below. It's really the worst kind of snow day since its way to cold to actually play in the snow. This winter has been crazy though and I think even the kids are tired of the snow!

I know they had another day off for the temps and then their Christmas break was extended a day ( or 2? It's all a blur now..). So they're at least at 3 snow days already.

I had class last night and its a pretty long walk from the building to the parking lot. Of course I don't have a decent coat so that didn't help and the classroom and lab were freezing!

So today we'll be warm, cozy and lazy inside and hope the boys don't spend the WHOLE day fighting so I can get some homework done!

Here's some pics of our snow days from the last few weeks. The big snow at the beginning of January- the polar vortex or something- left some crazy drifts I'm our yard. It's hard to measure the snow out here when it blows we could see grass in one spot and a foot away have a 4 ft drift. It's pretty neat to see. The big one in the backyard had the picnic table under it. We totally forgot it was there until the snow melted! The boys had been walking on too of it and had no idea!

We did the thing where you throw boiling water into the air and it turns to snow because its so cold. It was neat but hard to get a picture of.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rowan the chef!

Rowan is always coming up with these crazy recipe ideas- and I do mean crazy! Last week he said he wanted to make dinner for all of us. He was so serious so I told him he could as long as it was real food. No ice cream baked with hamburger and sprinkles lol.

So he planned, wrote out his ingredients and helped add it to the grocery list. He wanted to make a bagel with sausage on top, some maple syrup then topped with an egg! Mike helped him talk it through to see what would work- he originally wanted to put the raw sausage on the bagel and too with raw egg and bake so we explained why that wouldn't work. Rowan always has these ideas and is sure that he is 100% right so it was nice that he actually listened to our reasons and adapted his plans.
Since we'd just got some cilantro he decided to top it with that and some of mikes seasoning mixes. It was really good and everyone loved it!
He used his camera to make a video of them cooking too. For his cooking show- obviously ;)
I'm hoping he'll come up with more normal recipes from now on so he can cook more!

19 months!

Look at me blogging on the actual
Day for once! ( I'm avoiding studying ;))

These are phone pics but I'll probably upload the camera pics later since they are super cute!

When I mentioned this morning that Silas was 19 months Mike said something about him turning 2 soon. Nooooooo! It's way too soon to talk about that! He's still my baby right?!

He's finally starting to say a few more sounds lately. He's been doing "ight" for light. He points at the spot where the Xmas lights hung in the living room for a while after the tree was down. Mike has taken the lights down and Silas is still bitter about it ;)
He says " baba" when referring to Jackson's bottle! He is obsessed with all of Jackson's things. He tries to get into his diaper bag any chance he can.

He has said " ni ni" before bed too. There's some other sounds he's trying that I can't remember- must write down...

His teeth have been bothering him a bit more. I think the canines are starting. I've tried moving his amber necklace to his neck but he messed with it. I need to keep trying though because I think it would help to be closer to the pain.

He still eats great! Usually naps good and still acts like we are torturing him when he goes in the crib. :/
He loves to be read to and insists on having a blanket on him when we sit on the couch to read.

He loves to have the music on and raises his arms to dance! So cute! He likes to play in the water in the sink and constantly takes a chair to the counter or sink. This isn't always good since we put stuff on the counter specifically so he can't get it. Need to rethink that...

He shakes his head yes when he's eating something he likes- :)
They got some food and play pots for their kitchen and he loves pretending to cook! He thinks its funny when we Pretend to eat the food but he doesn't really get why he should do that.

He gets so mad and throws fits too. Usually his angry outbursts are directed at Eli ( and rightly so usually!) but usually he's happy and sweet giving hugs and kisses to all of us!

He's starting to really get the hang of using a spoon! He hates to be fed so its been a pain when we have soup but he is now able to get enough in his mouth to not need help! He seems to use his left hand most of the time :!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

18 Months!

Silas was not at all into the snow when we took him out a few weeks ago.  He had a few moments of almost happiness when Rowan and Eli showed him he could hit the snow, but other than that he was not a fan!

 It's hard to believe we've only had him here for 1.5 years! It's also hard to believe he's already been here for 1.5years! It's one of those "time flies" things you really don't get until you have kids!
 Rowan made the sign this months since he was home.  Silas is starting to really want to help around the house with things.  Some aren't actually helpful at all, like throwing clean clothes back towards the hamper (it's in the bathroom and we keep a baby gate there..) or trying to throw things away, sepecially things that aren't trash.  But if he's given a certain job- like picking up blocks- he can actually be helpful. Until he loses interest and throws them on the floor instead of in the basket ;)

 His favorite chore is helping to unload the dishwasher.  We take the silverware basket out so he can't get a knife and then he brings the dishes one at a time to whoever is helping- usually me or Rowan when he's home.  He loves this so much that later on if I try to load dirty dishes into it he tries to unload them again.  If he's in the highchair and Rowan and Eli start to unload it he gets really mad and tries to climb out.  It's pretty funny how much he loves it.  So for now it's pretty much his job!
 He had a doctors apt this month for 18months.  HE is around 27lbs I think.. I should check.. He is doing great on everuthing except for speech.  Since Rowan and Eli both didn't say much at this age I'm not worried and neither is the doctor.  We are working on sounds at home and I've even talked with Eli's speech teacher about some tips - she did Early Interevntion with Eli and is now at our school so has had Rowan and Eli). So we have decided to not start EI now, mostly because I don't want to mess withg the appointments right now... It is routine to do a hearing test at this age if the speech is behind so we did that. Of course it was right after he'd been sick and his ears were full of fluid.  Not sure if that's why he didn't do great or if he just wasn't interested in the test.  I'm not at all concerned about his hearing though.  We go back in 6 weeks- apparently that's how long it takes the fluid to go back to normal.
 He can say "mama": and "dada" and "hi" AND "bye" but usually he just says "buh" for ball, bus.... anything that starts with a B really...
 We've been having him give hugs to everyone when he goes to bed and he loves to do this he goes around to everyone and gives them a big hug and sloppy kiss.  He goes in the crib with a stuffed animal and a book and then he cries.  EVery.Single.Day. he cries.  It's so frustrating, especially because he's usually asleep in minutes I don't know why he acts like he's being tortured!
 He loves to go places and get his shoes and coat on.  Of course with the weather he hasnb't gone anywhere in a while...
He's still a really good eater.  Right now he's loving the cuties (little oranges) and sauage probably the most..

Merry Christmas!

Being sick didn't take away all of our Christmas fun, I mean it was still Christmas!
Saturday before Christmas- before we all got sick- we had some friends over for a cookie decorating party! They have a son in Rowan's grade, a 3yr old and a baby and thought the kids would love it.  We have a lot of fun decorating cookies so thought it would be a fun way to have people over.  The kids loved it!!  I took more pics but they are on my phone. I only took these with the camera.  We ate pizza and then decorated and the adults drank a little ;) and then the kids played and acted crazy from the sugar.  Surprisingly, I had most of these sprinkles and didn't buy much for the party. NExt year I have to get more squirt bottles too! 

So Christmas Eve is when I started to feel really bad.  Eli was starting to feel better and Silas.  That night Silas's fever started and he was up a lot that night.  I was still super achey and had a fever so dealing with him all night was not fun.  I was exhausted and felt awful Christmas morning.  Mike was starting to feel sick too but nowhere near as bad as I felt. We each made our little beds on the couch and I grabbed the camera so we could watch the boys open presents.  Silas didn't feel good and mostly just sat between us not interested in anything :(  

 Rowan and Eli each picked out presents for us at the Secret Santa shoppe at their school.  I don't send a whole lot of money per present because the gifts are pretty cheap and crappy, but I do love how excited they are about their gifts! Eli got Mike a Cardinals door hanger! But look how excited he is :)
 Rowan got Mike a #1 Dad hat!
 Eli got me an awesome bracelet and a yo-yo
 Rowan got this squishy ball thing for ELi ( I think Eli got Rowan a little football and he loved it!)

Silas got this little bag with sports balls in it.  I had helped set-up the SHop and had took a pictrure and told Rowan he should get SIlas that since he loves balls and he likes to put stuff in bags) 
 (please ignore me, remember I was really sick) My awesome coin purse thing from Rowan

 Rowan had been asking for a ski mask since it got cold so we got them each a spiderman one! He loved it!! ELi won't wear it of course...Rowan was screaming with excitement when he opened it!
 He loves TMNT!
 I got Mike (and Rowan) a puzzle with our family picture on it.  They love puzzles so I thought they'd have a lot of fun with that

 Eli had been asking for a Pikachu ever since he saw it at Toys R Us! He was so excited to get it!

 Silas perked up a bit towwrds the end of present opening...
We were supposed to have brunch with my mom and sister that morning but we put it off until later since we were sick.  We had it for suipper instead and didn't make all the stuff we had planned.  It was still really good but I had been looking forward to a lot of food.  NExt year we'll just have to do it up even more!