Wednesday, January 22, 2014

19 months!

Look at me blogging on the actual
Day for once! ( I'm avoiding studying ;))

These are phone pics but I'll probably upload the camera pics later since they are super cute!

When I mentioned this morning that Silas was 19 months Mike said something about him turning 2 soon. Nooooooo! It's way too soon to talk about that! He's still my baby right?!

He's finally starting to say a few more sounds lately. He's been doing "ight" for light. He points at the spot where the Xmas lights hung in the living room for a while after the tree was down. Mike has taken the lights down and Silas is still bitter about it ;)
He says " baba" when referring to Jackson's bottle! He is obsessed with all of Jackson's things. He tries to get into his diaper bag any chance he can.

He has said " ni ni" before bed too. There's some other sounds he's trying that I can't remember- must write down...

His teeth have been bothering him a bit more. I think the canines are starting. I've tried moving his amber necklace to his neck but he messed with it. I need to keep trying though because I think it would help to be closer to the pain.

He still eats great! Usually naps good and still acts like we are torturing him when he goes in the crib. :/
He loves to be read to and insists on having a blanket on him when we sit on the couch to read.

He loves to have the music on and raises his arms to dance! So cute! He likes to play in the water in the sink and constantly takes a chair to the counter or sink. This isn't always good since we put stuff on the counter specifically so he can't get it. Need to rethink that...

He shakes his head yes when he's eating something he likes- :)
They got some food and play pots for their kitchen and he loves pretending to cook! He thinks its funny when we Pretend to eat the food but he doesn't really get why he should do that.

He gets so mad and throws fits too. Usually his angry outbursts are directed at Eli ( and rightly so usually!) but usually he's happy and sweet giving hugs and kisses to all of us!

He's starting to really get the hang of using a spoon! He hates to be fed so its been a pain when we have soup but he is now able to get enough in his mouth to not need help! He seems to use his left hand most of the time :!

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