Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day!

The boys are off school for another snow day! Technically it's for the extreme windchills of -25 below. It's really the worst kind of snow day since its way to cold to actually play in the snow. This winter has been crazy though and I think even the kids are tired of the snow!

I know they had another day off for the temps and then their Christmas break was extended a day ( or 2? It's all a blur now..). So they're at least at 3 snow days already.

I had class last night and its a pretty long walk from the building to the parking lot. Of course I don't have a decent coat so that didn't help and the classroom and lab were freezing!

So today we'll be warm, cozy and lazy inside and hope the boys don't spend the WHOLE day fighting so I can get some homework done!

Here's some pics of our snow days from the last few weeks. The big snow at the beginning of January- the polar vortex or something- left some crazy drifts I'm our yard. It's hard to measure the snow out here when it blows we could see grass in one spot and a foot away have a 4 ft drift. It's pretty neat to see. The big one in the backyard had the picnic table under it. We totally forgot it was there until the snow melted! The boys had been walking on too of it and had no idea!

We did the thing where you throw boiling water into the air and it turns to snow because its so cold. It was neat but hard to get a picture of.

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