Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Being sick didn't take away all of our Christmas fun, I mean it was still Christmas!
Saturday before Christmas- before we all got sick- we had some friends over for a cookie decorating party! They have a son in Rowan's grade, a 3yr old and a baby and thought the kids would love it.  We have a lot of fun decorating cookies so thought it would be a fun way to have people over.  The kids loved it!!  I took more pics but they are on my phone. I only took these with the camera.  We ate pizza and then decorated and the adults drank a little ;) and then the kids played and acted crazy from the sugar.  Surprisingly, I had most of these sprinkles and didn't buy much for the party. NExt year I have to get more squirt bottles too! 

So Christmas Eve is when I started to feel really bad.  Eli was starting to feel better and Silas.  That night Silas's fever started and he was up a lot that night.  I was still super achey and had a fever so dealing with him all night was not fun.  I was exhausted and felt awful Christmas morning.  Mike was starting to feel sick too but nowhere near as bad as I felt. We each made our little beds on the couch and I grabbed the camera so we could watch the boys open presents.  Silas didn't feel good and mostly just sat between us not interested in anything :(  

 Rowan and Eli each picked out presents for us at the Secret Santa shoppe at their school.  I don't send a whole lot of money per present because the gifts are pretty cheap and crappy, but I do love how excited they are about their gifts! Eli got Mike a Cardinals door hanger! But look how excited he is :)
 Rowan got Mike a #1 Dad hat!
 Eli got me an awesome bracelet and a yo-yo
 Rowan got this squishy ball thing for ELi ( I think Eli got Rowan a little football and he loved it!)

Silas got this little bag with sports balls in it.  I had helped set-up the SHop and had took a pictrure and told Rowan he should get SIlas that since he loves balls and he likes to put stuff in bags) 
 (please ignore me, remember I was really sick) My awesome coin purse thing from Rowan

 Rowan had been asking for a ski mask since it got cold so we got them each a spiderman one! He loved it!! ELi won't wear it of course...Rowan was screaming with excitement when he opened it!
 He loves TMNT!
 I got Mike (and Rowan) a puzzle with our family picture on it.  They love puzzles so I thought they'd have a lot of fun with that

 Eli had been asking for a Pikachu ever since he saw it at Toys R Us! He was so excited to get it!

 Silas perked up a bit towwrds the end of present opening...
We were supposed to have brunch with my mom and sister that morning but we put it off until later since we were sick.  We had it for suipper instead and didn't make all the stuff we had planned.  It was still really good but I had been looking forward to a lot of food.  NExt year we'll just have to do it up even more!

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