Wednesday, January 8, 2014

18 Months!

Silas was not at all into the snow when we took him out a few weeks ago.  He had a few moments of almost happiness when Rowan and Eli showed him he could hit the snow, but other than that he was not a fan!

 It's hard to believe we've only had him here for 1.5 years! It's also hard to believe he's already been here for 1.5years! It's one of those "time flies" things you really don't get until you have kids!
 Rowan made the sign this months since he was home.  Silas is starting to really want to help around the house with things.  Some aren't actually helpful at all, like throwing clean clothes back towards the hamper (it's in the bathroom and we keep a baby gate there..) or trying to throw things away, sepecially things that aren't trash.  But if he's given a certain job- like picking up blocks- he can actually be helpful. Until he loses interest and throws them on the floor instead of in the basket ;)

 His favorite chore is helping to unload the dishwasher.  We take the silverware basket out so he can't get a knife and then he brings the dishes one at a time to whoever is helping- usually me or Rowan when he's home.  He loves this so much that later on if I try to load dirty dishes into it he tries to unload them again.  If he's in the highchair and Rowan and Eli start to unload it he gets really mad and tries to climb out.  It's pretty funny how much he loves it.  So for now it's pretty much his job!
 He had a doctors apt this month for 18months.  HE is around 27lbs I think.. I should check.. He is doing great on everuthing except for speech.  Since Rowan and Eli both didn't say much at this age I'm not worried and neither is the doctor.  We are working on sounds at home and I've even talked with Eli's speech teacher about some tips - she did Early Interevntion with Eli and is now at our school so has had Rowan and Eli). So we have decided to not start EI now, mostly because I don't want to mess withg the appointments right now... It is routine to do a hearing test at this age if the speech is behind so we did that. Of course it was right after he'd been sick and his ears were full of fluid.  Not sure if that's why he didn't do great or if he just wasn't interested in the test.  I'm not at all concerned about his hearing though.  We go back in 6 weeks- apparently that's how long it takes the fluid to go back to normal.
 He can say "mama": and "dada" and "hi" AND "bye" but usually he just says "buh" for ball, bus.... anything that starts with a B really...
 We've been having him give hugs to everyone when he goes to bed and he loves to do this he goes around to everyone and gives them a big hug and sloppy kiss.  He goes in the crib with a stuffed animal and a book and then he cries.  EVery.Single.Day. he cries.  It's so frustrating, especially because he's usually asleep in minutes I don't know why he acts like he's being tortured!
 He loves to go places and get his shoes and coat on.  Of course with the weather he hasnb't gone anywhere in a while...
He's still a really good eater.  Right now he's loving the cuties (little oranges) and sauage probably the most..

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