Monday, November 3, 2014


Eek. I'm really failing at this blog. I really want to remember stuff about silas st this age and keep forgetting to write it down. :/ 
Mike brought home the movie Pippi Longstocking a month or so ago. The old horribly dubbed one from Sweden I think. The boys did not want to watch it but I made them. They LOVED it! But what was most surprising was how much Silas loved it. He became obsessed!  This is especially funny b he had never even sat to watch a 20 mins PBS cartoon before and all the sudden he wanted to watch Pippi. And all the time! He'd go to the projector and say "Piiiipi" pretty cute. It was nice to have him watch .it on days he didn't nap so I could still get stuff done. But I saw it becoming too much of a crutch do had Mike return it. Silas still asks but not as often. I'm thinking of getting a Pippi doll for him for Christmas :) 

Silas started getting speech a few months ago. Last week I got his original evaluation in the mail - from this summer- his speech was at 11.5months at tge time. I doubt he's much higher now. I think he's even behind where Eli was at this age. He doesn't really have words for anything. He says no and shakes his head yes and no. There are things he can say - mama Dada baby ba (ball) but he doesn't regularly use them. He did just start saying Me and points at himself. Rowan gets really annoyed with him cause he's always trying to pull him somewhere to show him stuff. It's cute but definitely stressful to try and figure out what he wants.

We switched around the kids bedrooms!  I expected mike to not be happy when I suggested it but he actually went for it! Because if how much rowan and eli were fighting eli had been sleeping on the floor in Silas's room. But most of the toys were in Rowans room and that just caused more issues. So we moved the bunk bed into silas's room and Rowans room became the playroom. I love having a room just for toys and I think they are doing great being in one room. Rowan actually falls asleep a lot quicker!  He wouldn't admit it but I think he'd get scared a lot in his own room.
Of course the bad part is we moved Silas to the toddler bed since he was trying to get out of the crib. It's been awful. He went to bed do good in the crib snd now it's a nightmare. I don't know what to do. Usually he ends up laying in our bed and falling asleep. I wish he'd lay with Eli but he won't. Nap time isn't quite as bad but still takes way longer. Today I let him lay in my bed to fall asleep and he was out pretty quickly. Hopefully we figure something out soon cause I'm kinda going crazy with bedtime!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

School! !

Wow! Didn't I just blog that school was out?? This summer flew by, I think even faster than usual! 

I can not believe Rowan is already in 4th grade! I don't even want to think about how he's almost in jr. High! ! And 1st grade for Eli! I'm definitely curious to see how he'll adjust to having homework this year!

This year the night before school started they had an open house so we could meet there teachers and bring in supplies. I really liked it and it was nice to not be as rushed for the first day. I even made them ride the bus the first day since their stuff was there already ;)

Eli is really excited to have several friends in his class. His teacher seems great and I've heard really good things about her so I'm excited for him! Every day he comes home telling me that 1st grade is the best! I met with his speech therapist today and she's going to informally work on the "r" sound with him in a group ( of 2nd graders he'll be excited cause he loves the older kids!) She usually doesn't address that sound in 1st but thinks it'll be good to work on since he's had lots of speech issues. Last year he started with an IEP because of all the speech issues he needed to work on and this year he's not even formally getting services!  He's done so great we are so proud of him!

Rowan doesn't have any close friends in his class ( Like last year :/) but he likes several of the kids so I think it'll be fine. His teacher seems nice too. Of course he's already finding things to complain about - the other class has Legos.... hopefully he can have a good year in spite of that ;)

They have a new bus stop that's a few blocks away. Mike takes them in the morning cause he leaves for work but in the afternoon they will usually walk. So far it's been fine there's a group of kids so that makes me feel better.

Silas has been obsessed with his bookbag since school started. It's pretty cute. He wore it both times we went to the school and he wears it at home a lot. I thought he'd be really upset when they'd leave but he's been fine. He is really excited when they get home though.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We got back from our 20 days of vacation Monday evening. The last day is always the longest....

It was so fun - I'll post more details and pictures later. I think we went to 9 states!

Definitely makes us want to travel more or just move somewhere prettier ;)

Here's a few of my favorite shots from my phone.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Why does it have to go so fast?! Last summer I took Chemistry online and I barely remember anything because I was so busy.  I decided not to take a class this summer, I was hoping to remember this summer but it's going so fast already.  I think the fact that the kids didn't get out until June didn't help with that either!

Baseball and t-ball ended last week and now we have our evenings back so that's nice. Of course soon we leave on our trip...
The boys are doing swim lessons again and to try and make up the 3 weeks we'll miss we are going 4 days a week instead of 2.  It's been kind of a pain.  On Wednesday's they do Eco-camp at Homer Lake- they love that and are sad that they'll miss the last few camps.  Silas and I have either gone for walks during camp or go to the library and then on walks.  Silas mostly wants to go in the building and get water in the cone cups from the water cooler....

We've only had one fire this year so far! That's kinda hard to believe but for the most part we've had pretty nice weather.  The boys have to earn minutes to be able to play games on the ipod so they've been more willing to help out with chores- mostly Rowan, Eli is pretty much happy to only earn 5 minutes here and there lol Rowan wants to get tons and save them up!

For the most part we've had nice lazy days, not quite doing all that I hoped we would but having to go places every day really messed us up.