Saturday, February 28, 2009

8 Months

Hard to believe that in 4 months Eli will be 1!! Absolutely crazy, we won't even think about that! He is crawling like crazy- we have barricades all over the house to try and keep him contained, it works- for now. He is pulling up on everything and starting to walk along stuff while holding on! STill no teeth, I'm hoping soon, just so I know there is something to justify his way too frequent waking in the middle of the night. He's getting really interested in the bowl and spoon at meal time, but doesn't quite like the texture of food to feed himself, and since he has yet to master the spoon he has to deal with being fed- must be rough!

Throwing the 8month paper- he LOVES to throw stuff!

Eli has an obsession with his pacifiers, he gets them when he goes to sleep for bed and naps, but he doesn't suck on them. He holds it in his hand and chews on it, but mostly just holds it. He throws quite the tantrum when I take it from him.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Rowan caught in the wind

Eli- not knowing what to think of the wind

Sitting still on the grass

Why can't they all just look and smile?

Who needs snow to sled? Sandbox lid works just fine!

Mike picking spinach (yum yu m!!)

One of the reasons I love him- eating freshly picked spinach (and loving it)!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Want to see what I did with these sweaters? No, you don't care- well click here anyway!

and a cute Eli pic- cause I know you're all annoyed when I just talk about my sewing!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to Entertain a Baby During Dinner

1. Take off baby's clothes
2. Put baby in highchair
3. Give baby bowl of mushed banana's
4. Enjoy YOUR dinner, while baby enjoys his

5. Give baby a bath

Rowan's Wordle

I made a wordle, I LOVE it!! Especially since it's all about Rowan- since my last few posts were.

I think I saw this on Chicken and Cheese- so cute!! Go make one!

Wordle: Untitled

Photos By Rowan

Me and Eli
my leg

Mike's leg

He's pretty good, right?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

All About Rowan- Part 1

Ah Rowan, my first-born, my crazy one, the one who doesn't get nearly as much blog time now that there is a baby. I'm going to try and take the focus off the baby and let this be All About Rowan!! Trying to get myself into scrapbooking more, I flipped through a book at the library the other day and got the idea to do an interview. Pretty interesting to "interview" a 3.5yr. old, and if you've never interviewed your little one you should- you never know what kind of answers you'll get!! So now- All ABout Rowan- in his own words.....

Food? "Green Beans"
Shape? "Rectangle and circle"
Drink? "Milk and juice and water"
Toy? "My big train"
TV show? "Bob The Builder"

Book? "Bob the Builder"
Restaurant? "The Pancake Restaurant" **
Holiday? "A heart"
Animal? "Cow"
Color? "Green and Orange and Yellow and Blue and White. Not Blue!! (laughs)
Green and orange and yellow and white"

Place to go? "Culver's"
What do like to eat at Culver's? "French fries and chicken and appleasuce and BBQ sauce
and cheeseburgers"
Do you like being a big brother? "YEAH"
What do you like about being a big brother? "I don't know"(laughing)
What is your favorite thing to do? "To play all day and all day and all day and all day and all day and all day and all day and all day....."

**I would like to add that the last time we had pancakes at a restaurant was last winter when we went to IHOP!!

Check it Out!!

Want to see what I just made? Go look.

No, seriously go look NOW!!!

I'm very excited- go look!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome Spring!!

I'm trying to convince myself the weather will stay this way, but just in case winter comes back we've been trying to spend a lot of time outside. Today we planned to spend the day at the park, but it was a little colder than expected so we gave up after an hour and went to the library. The sun came back out this afternoon so we got to enjoy the backyard. Eli got his first experience of crawling in the grass...

I put him down and he immediately picked up one arm

Then he'd touch it...

Then pick his arm back up, he was not digging this wet cold mushy grass at all.

"OMG! This is awful!!"

So after a few minutes of being unhappy on the grass, I put him on a towel and he was much happier. ALthough he kept reaching one hand off and touching the grass- he still didn't like it.

It is nice to know there is somewhere I can take him and he won't move!! Although I'm sure he'll get over it soon enough and take off outside too.

Friday, February 6, 2009

and He's Up!!

Time to lower the crib mattress...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January 2009- Goals Met

I don't really do the whole resolution thing, but I did make myself some little goals for every month. These are pretty much just things that I like to do- but I don't always make enough time for.

Books (2/month)- I'm sure I could (and might) do more, but last year the only books I read were on natural childbirth- so I'll start low.

- Certain Girls- Jennifer Weiner

- Are You There Vodka?...- Chelsea Handler

Sewing Projects (2/month)

-Tag blanket for LL

-Changing Pad

-Initial Shirt for Eli

-Bib, burp rag, and small tag blanket

-Rowan library bag with monster fabric

Cooking/Baking New Recipes (4/month)

-Corn Chowder

-Zucchini muffins- seriously the BEST I've ever eaten from (
-homemade teething biscuits

-Brownie pudding


Digital Scrapbooking Pages (3/month)

-Rowan Snow

-Rowan Santa

-Girls nite out

-Eli crawling

Most of the sewing projects and scrap pages are posted on my other blog- if you're interested.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Ice Cream!!

Yesterday I came across a recipe for snow ice cream. So when we woke up to fresh snow this morning I went and found the recipe so we could make it. Luckily Mike was still here so he could go get the snow for us- it's really cold today! Rowan was very excited, especially since we made it (and ate it) not long after breakfast. Ice cream for a breakfast dessert- what's better than that!! It was super easy to make, and not too bad tasting either- although no Culver's ,it'll do for now.

Rowan wanted his green (that's his favorite!)- doesn't my bowl look like a plate here?-hhmm

Yum, Yum... be warned it's cold!!

Eli got his own little bowl of snow to play with

He really wasn't too impressed by it...